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Timberwolf - Top kit for top jobs
New Timberwolf breaks fresh ground

Then Neil Wilson set up Beechwood Tree Care in Berkshire 15 years ago he was determined that the gear he asked his team to work with would be of top quality. Timberwolf chippers have been a key contributor to the companys work throughout and the new generation TW240TDHBT has further extended the boundaries.

Before I set up Beechwood, I was working for other people who I didnt feel were doing it right so I decided to do it for myself, says Managing Director Neil. I was fed up with going out with broken kit and not being able to do the best job. I wanted to do it professionally and properly and to establish ourselves at the top end of the market. Our Timberwolf chippers have made an important contribution to that.
But whats also important to him is the fact that the Timberwolf has continually evolved. When we started they were the best small machine of their type on the market - compact in size and very good at chipping, he says. They were leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. Others have since come along but Timberwolf has listened to what its customers have said and this new one with its turntable has taken things forward again and so maintained their advantage.

He adds: We like the fact that it has a 270-degree turntable which makes it very versatile when you are working in confined spaces. Despite that addition, they have managed to keep the weight under 750 kilos which means that our younger members of staff who have only recently got their driving licences can tow them.

Neil also welcomes the fact that servicing has been made much simpler and more cost-effective thanks to a modular design which gives excellent access to all major components. With a split rotor housing, its especially useful when blades are due for changing. The anvil is a one-piece design which is easy to remove, and centralised greasing makes for simple daily maintenance and gives bearings a longer life.

The heavy duty dual-feed controls have been rigorously tested to survive the toughest conditions. Working independently of each other, they allow the operator complete control of the feed function from either side of the machine, so keeping him in the safety zone.

For Neil, the service he gets from Lister Wilder as his Timberwolf agent is particularly important. They are fantastic to work with, he says. The sales team is really good and will do whatever they can for you while the parts department is spot on. We generally do our own servicing but the service department is there when you want them. They are really nice people to deal with.

An approved Arboricultural Association contractor, Beechwood operates from the village of Waltham St Lawrence between Reading and Maidenhead. While much of its work is within a 15-mile radius, its reputation takes teams as far as Worcester and Southampton.

Work ranges from trimming of hedges and pruning, through to felling and clearance of sites ready for development. High-end arboricultural work involving cranes for stage-by-stage removal of precarious trees, or the skilful use of cables to support and save them. Recent delicate projects have included the crane removal of a large copper beech in Lower Shiplake, near Reading, involving the grinding out of the stump so that there is now no evidence that it was ever there.

Neil sets great store by recruiting the best people, training them to high standards and using their individual skills to best effect. Vehicles and kit are all skillfully liveried to create a dynamic and professional appearance. We pride ourselves on not just doing a good job but looking the part he says.

Beechwood Tree Care

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Timberwolf - In a tight spot?
Turntable Timberwolf is top of the tree for Connick Tree Care

With projects ranging from skilfully pruning small apple trees to extracting fallen timber from the roofs of storm hit homes and maintaining the leafy beauty of Royal Parks, life at Connick Tree Care is certainly not lacking in variety.

But one constant in the work of the busy South East England based business is that clearing up necessitates the use of high quality chippers that transform the debris into a sustainable fuel now widely used in power stations across the country. For Managing Director Mike Connick, Timberwolf is the brand that provides the best solution to that challenge. Delivery from Lister Wilder of a TW 240TDHB with its 270-degree rotating turntable takes the companys fleet of Timberwolfs up to five, which Mike is itching to get his own hands on during one of his occasional days on the tools.

It has a bigger aperture and faster throughput but still weighs less than 750 kilogrammes, he says. That means that all of my drivers can tow it and operatives can easily manoeuvre it into often tight positions at clients properties.

The turntable is a great feature because being able to swing the hopper around means that we can work in very confined spaces and that makes for reduced time and greater efficiency. It also means that when we are working in London in particular, we dont have to reserve so many parking spaces to do our job. He adds: Given the reliability, the light weight and the sheer value for money, Timberwolf is definitely the best wood chipper for us. It is a very good product.

The turntable on the TW 240TDHB has multiple locking positions to enable safe and convenient loading when working on the roadside or in restricted areas. The operator can turn the mounted section easily using a release catch at the in-feed rather than having to manually moving the vehicle. The machine also has the most powerful ejection in its class.

It is powered by a 34hp Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine, which combines high durability with maximum fuel efficiency, plus minimal noise and vibration. A heavy 56kg twin disc rotor gives added strength and a pair of 109mm blades ensure the chip quality is uniform and constant. Servicing has been made simpler thanks to a modular design which allows easy access to major components.

The fact that the Timberwolf reduces debris tenfold is fundamental to Connick Tree Care, which generates around 200 tonnes of it every month. Three quarters of that goes via Stobart Biomass for use as a fuel while the remainder is sold for mulch, but with some to spare to donate to community projects.

Connick Tree Care has a 30-year pedigree and its 50 employees operate in teams across London and the South East. Its growth was accelerated by the impetus created by compulsory competitive tendering, which brought the company a succession of local authority contracts.

The range of its work starts with shrub pruning in domestic properties and includes major highways contracts, with the current jewel in its portfolio consisting of the Royal Park at Greenwich. As a result it had an important input to the Olympic equestrian events there, as well as looking after the cycle routes across Surrey for the County Council.

The storms of the past winter brought with it huge out-of-hours demands for the companys services and its teams delicately extracted trees from damaged roofs. Perhaps most memorable was the undaunted customer who was so confident in Connicks work that he decided he would stay in bed in the room beneath. When persuaded to move, he asked whether he couldnt simply be given a hard hat!

The company prides itself on its skilled arborists in giving objective tree care advice, which includes recognition and treatment of oaks affected by the dreaded processionary moth, whose hairs can affect human health. I think there is now a generally greater awareness of the value of trees not just environmentally but in terms of their contribution to carbon reduction, says Mike. But that is countered by the continuing impact of Government budget cuts.

Connick Tree Care

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South East Tree Surgeons

South East Tree Surgeons are arboricuture specialists with an established reputation in Dorking, Hersham, Leatherhead, Reigate and the surrounding counties of Surrey and Sussex. Graham, the owner of the company has been a user of the Timberwolf TW150DHB for a number of years and replaces the machines every 3-4 years with their local dealer Lister Wilder. Graham comments "I like the TW150DHB as it is a good quality chipper that comes in below 750kg, I need a machine that is always ready for work and the 150’s that I have had over the years have always been both reliable and economical to run." He continued "the lads really like the speed at which the machine can work and the crushing power of the hydraulic feed rollers is incredible. The secondhand value is very good as well so I know that when I come to part exchange my machine I will always get a good return. Having dealt with Lister Wilder for a number of years I am very happy with their aftersales service and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a chipper".

South East Tree Surgeons

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Foxhills Golf Club

Foxhills Golf Club in Surrey have recently taken delivery of a new Timberwolf TW200PHBC shredder to compliment their current machinery involved in their woodland management program.

David Wyborn – Course Manager commented "We are currently working on a woodland management plan and needed a machine to help reduce the amount of Rhododendron that we are thinning from the course. I originally hired one from Lister Wilder but was so impressed with the amount of man hours that it saved that we decided to purchase one!" He continued "I was particularly impressed with the speed at which the shredder processed the material as well as the ability to pull it into the machine with the conveyor and hydraulic feed rollers, this dramatically reduced the amount of hours required handling and moving the waste material".

Foxhills Golf Club

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Timberwolf 125PH
Chris Mawdesley at Arbor Tree Care in North Cerney, Gloucestershire recently purchased another Timberwolf 125PH to add to a long line of TW chippers he has previously owned.
I have run a number of chippers over the years including GreenMech, Vermeer and Schliesing but the Timberwolf chippers are by far the best because they are low maintenance, low cost and hardworking. I work my chippers 5 days a week, every week of the year, for about 4 years before I trade in. They do a good days work, everyday and the engine lasts as long as the machine. They are also easy to maintain.”said ChrisThe TW125PH is light and powerful, easy to tow with a 3.5 tonne vehicle, such as a transit van and is a very good price. I am very happy with these machines and would recommend them to any arborist that wants a reliable, low cost workhorse.”
Arbor Tree Care - Chris Mawdesley

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A Passion for Trees at Beechwood

Beechwood Tree Care are an Arboricultural Association approved Contractor and have been trading for 12 years across the home counties. Neil Wilson, Managing Director of Beechwood Tree Care commented We have been running Timberwolf 150DHB chippers for the past 12 years and tracked 190 chippers for the last 6 years. They are very reliable, hard working machines and are great value for money. Neil also added We have been dealing with Lister Wilder for the past six years and they are good people to work with. We get a good price and great back up service from them and when we need spares they are delivered right on time.

Beechwood Tree Care - Neil Wilson

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Urban Planters

Reading based Urban Planters supply and maintain plants to local businesses, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and multinationals. They have dealt with Lister Wilder for over 30 years on the agricultural side and for just over a year in horticultural machinery. In addition to using Kubota G23 and G26 grasscutting machinery they use Stihl kit for blowing and hedgecutting. "Urban Planters selected Lister Wilder as their machinery partner for supporting the move into corporate exterior landscape maintenance due to the excellent customer service, high levels of responsiveness, and great after sales service.” Rory Waterer, Managing Director, Urban Planters.

Urban Planters - Rory Waterer

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Elmbridge Tree Services

"During the many years of dealing with Lister Wilder - Ockham, we have built up a close professional relationship with all members of the team, particularly Mr Phil Hughes who deals with our account. We have been supplied with a variety of plant from trailers to tractors and chainsaws to chippers, all of which have been competitive on cost, with no compromise on aftersales. We intend to continue using Lister Wilders to supply us on any necessary plant for all future projects. Stephen Lakin, Managing Director, Elmbridge Tree Services Ltd"

Elmbridge Tree Services - Surrey

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