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Campey-Vredo Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: Vredo Turf Fix Series

Model(s): Turf Seed, Turf Sand and Turf Air

The Vredo Turf-Fix Series is a very compact, multi-function machine for professional landscapers, contractors and clubs, looking to carry out a number of renovation and maintenance tasks with just one machine. Mounted or Towed, the Turf-Fix can be used to over-seed, apply sand dressing, sand slitting and aerate, simply by fixing different attachments to a universal base unit. Compatible with tractors as small as 16hp.

Campey-Vredo Overseeders

Overseeders: Compact Series

Model(s): 210, 214, 218 & 222

The Vredo Compact series seeder is an accurate and efficient range of disc seeders designed for overseeding golf greens & tees, sports pitches and other amenity grass.

Campey-Vredo Overseeders

Overseeders: Sports Field Overseeder Series

Model(s): Vredo 222 Sports series

The Vredo Sport Series has been developed for the fast overseeding of sports fields, arenas, golf fairways & large play areas. The seeder is equiped with a double disc system giving seed spacing in 3.5mm rows for fast and dense recovery. Seed is placed directly into soil contact, protecting it from the elements and ensuring germination every time. The rear compaction roller closes the slits and helps to restore a level surface. The close seed spacing will generally mean that overseeding is carried out in one pass. The Sports series is available 3-pt mounted version, or towed in a hydraulic lift frame.

Campey-Vredo Seeder

Seeder: Vredo Super Compact Series

Model(s): 212, 216, 218 and 220

Due to the unique action of the Vredo seed application, the grass seed is placed in direct contact with the soil, giving almost total seed germination. A double row of discs give 35mm seed spacing, meaning that one-pass operation will generally suffice with no disruption to play even on fine turf.

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