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Little Wonder
Little Wonder Blowers

Blowers: Optimax Blower Series

Model(s): Push LB170S, LB160H and LB 270SC CLASSIC

Little Wonder Optimax blowers are the best-designed blowers in the world... known for unmatched leaf-blowing efficiency.

Start out with one of our “Classic” entry level models, the LB160H, the LB170S and the LB270SC. These models feature the Little Wonder split-stream air deflector technology and adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip for operator comfort. Plus a transport bracket for convenient tie-down. Durability, comfort, and unmatched blowing performance all in a lighter package. You’ll get the job done faster with Little Wonder!

Moving through the line, to our “Fully Featured” models, now YOU are in control with the Remote Chute Deflector right at your fingertips. You control the patented split air-stream discharge. This unique feature is available on the LB270S, LB270H, LB390H and LB400S blower models.

All Little Wonder walk-behind blowers feature a reverse-angled 7-blade all-steel impeller. That is matched with an aerodynamically constructed housing and curved air inlet which translates to maximum air flow. Adjustable, ergonomic handles with anti-vibration grip for operator comfort. Plus a transport bracket for convenient tie-down.

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Blowers

Blowers: Self Propelled Series

Model(s): LB 270S-SP, LB 270H-SP, LB 390H-SP, LB 400S-SP

Puts you in control with forward, reverse, and infinitely variable speeds. Plus the NEW Remote Chute Deflector puts control of the patented split air-stream discharge right at your fingertips. Little Wonder OPTIMAX blowers move leaves and debris with unmatched air power more easily, without stopping!

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Blowers

Blowers: C5 Blowers Series


The new Little Wonder C5 wheeled blower is an all-new consumer blower that puts the power of 1,100 cfm/200 mph air power in your hands. That's more than twice the air power of comparably priced backpack blowers – without the back ache.

Quickly and easy takes care of so many chores around the property that you’ll reach for it all year long.

bullet Clean up yards, curb areas and driveways
bullet Clear debris from flower beds, hedges and fence lines
bullet Blow away grass and hedge clippings
bullet Move debris out from under porches and decks
bullet Clear sewage grates and street run-off gutters
bullet Clean out cracks and crevices to repair cement
bullet The direct power to move standing water and light snow with the wide swath to dry surface areas
bullet And, of course, move mountains of leaves!

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter: Hydro Series


The Little Wonder Hydro Brush Cutter navigates through weeds, heavy brush and overgrown vegetation with ease. Tempered spring steel 26” blade cuts tall weeds, brush, and saplings up to 2” thick. Our welded steel frame design and engine positioning provide excellent balance regardless the terrain. And unlike the competition, our hydrostatic transmission offers infinitely-variable, clutch-less speed selection – up to 4.2 mph forward and 1.7 mph reverse. So you can cut your own path at your own pace.

Now available with a Briggs & Stratton® Intek™ Engine Option!

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Crack Cleaner

Crack Cleaner: Pro Series

Model(s): 6236

The Little Wonder® Pro Crack Cleaner is a dedicated unit designed to clean cracks and crevices in asphalt and concrete surfaces. We understand that clearing away debris and undergrowth is extremely important before laying down crack filler and applying sealant. Using the Pro Crack Cleaner will save you time and allows for a more professional longer lasting crack fill and sealant application.

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Edger / Bed Sharpener

Edger / Bed Sharpener: Pro Series

Model(s): 6033 and 6232

The Little Wonder Pro Edger maintains its edging performance even in the toughest conditions. This wheeled edger is designed to cut clean, crisp edges quickly and efficiently. It will cut up to 90 feet per minute! Dual–belts provide extra power to the blade. The Pro Edger is user–friendly with fingertip controls and a ratchet–arm height adjustment system for fatigue–free operation and control. The Little Wonder Pro Edger is built for heavy, daily usage. Cut create crisp, distinct edges faster, and with less effort.

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Edger / Bed Sharpener

Edger / Bed Sharpener: Bed Sharper Series

Model(s): 904

Forget labor intensive and back-breaking edging with a shovel. With the BedShaper®, you’ll create clean, sharp edges, even "S" curves, at up to 100' per minute. With these speeds, you’ll cut your labor costs almost as fast as you’ll cut the most intricate shapes!

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Hedgecutters

Hedgecutters: Electric and Gas Hedge Trimmer Series

Model(s): Electric Hedge Trimmers – Single Edge 2410 and 3010 Double Edge 2420 3020 | | Gas Hedge Trimmers – Single Edge 2230 |

Our high-quality hedge trimmers have been the choice of landscaping professionals for decades. Our blades last longer and require less sharpening than blades typically found on the lower-priced homeowner-grade hedge trimmers. You won’t find a more durable hedge trimmer on the market, than Little Wonder hedge trimmers

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Leaf Management

Leaf Management: Leaf and Debris Vacuum Series

Model(s): Pro Vac

Clears leaves and debris at your pace with the power, performance and capacity to get the job done. Superior airflow provides plenty of suction to fill our industry-leading 74.47 gallon capacity bag - TWICE that of the competition - so you can collect more debris and get the job done quicker.

Little Wonder
Little Wonder Leaf Management

Leaf Management: Leaf & Debris Vacuum Series


Industry-leading speed 30% faster than the nearest competitive unit. Get the job done faster . Up to 4.2 mph forward / up to 1.8 mph reverse.
Feature2 Powered to perform. Worry-free Hydro-Gear® T2. Powerful 9 hp Honda® GX270.
Feature3 Industry-leading suction - Top in airflow for the past 20 years.
Feature4 Biggest, baddest bag (74.47 gal. capacity) handles the big loads.
Feature5 Breathe easy When you make products that produce hurricane force winds, you don't just sew in a bag liner, you install a "windshield". Diverts dust to ground level.
Feature6 Clear line of sight. Get the job done safely. Low 40" unit height allows for clear visibility over the machine and better view of the front nozzle area.
Feature7 Operator Comfort. Arched padded handle allow users of any size to find a comfortable operating position.
Feature7 Maneuverability. Sleek design and rugged front swivel wheels make turning and following curved walkways and driveways effortless.
Feature7 Nozzle height automatically adjusts - no need to stop the engine and change height settings to avoid 'scalping' and 'digging in' on rough terrain.
Feature7 Heavy-duty treaded rear drive wheels. Allows excellent traction on both concrete and grass.
Feature7 Easy free-wheeling. Toe tap dump valve for easy maneuverability when the engine is not engaged.

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Little Wonder
Little Wonder Truck Loaders

Truck Loaders: Truck Loader and Monster Self Co Series

Model(s): Monster TruckLoaders 18HP, 29HP, 35HP & 36HP, Monster Self-Contained TruckLoaders and Talon TruckLoaders | | |

All new Little Wonder Monster truckloader line features a toothed impeller that shreds debris at a ratio of 15:1 - best ratio in the industry! Models range in size from 18HP up to a monstrous 36HP diesel

New Little Wonder Self-Contained Monster TruckLoaders are an all-in-one leaf collection system that includes a truckloader, large capacity dump container and trailer. It's an entire towable leaf collection and dump system you tow with your work truck (see product specifications for weight/hitch requirements). Only Little Wonder offers a full line of large capacity self-contained truck loaders. And, with our industry leading 15:1 leaf reduction ratio, you'll clear more leaves in a single offload than with any other truckloader.

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