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Trimax Flail Mower

Flail Mower: Ezeemow FX Series

Model(s): E2 135, E2 155 and E2 185

The new Ezeemow FX™ is the ideal partner for your compact tractor where versatility and robustness is needed. Ezeemow FX™ now includes our unique and patented Converter™ system giving you greater mowing versatility from short grass to heavy conditions.

Ezeemow FX™ can handle fine turf, small prunings and one meter high grass and scrub with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. This versatility makes the Ezeemow FX™ ideal for contractors, councils, roadsides, estates, vineyards and orchard applications.
Ezeemow FX™ is compatible with tractors from 20 to 45hp and its compact dimensions allow manoeuvrability in tight corners.

Talk to us today about Ezeemow FX for your environment.

Trimax Flail Mower

Flail Mower: FlailDek FX Series

Model(s): FlailDek FX

The Trimax FlailDek FX is unique in that its configuration can be easily varied to ensure optimum performance across a wide range of operating conditions. The FlailDek FX is one of Trimax’s most versatile mowers. Trimax’s exclusive aerodynamic Gamma™ reduce power requirements ensuring outstanding productivity and will handle everything from taming metre-high grass in a single pass to perfectly manicuring baseball diamonds. While it gives superb results on high profile turf, by simply adjusting the all new Trimax converter™ this mower can also easily be configured to excel in high growth areas such as those that can usually be found on roadsides or wilderness areas. The ease of this operation makes it extremely practical for contractors and professional operators who may cover several different types of grass in the course of a day. With its innovative design and robust construction you can be sure that the FlailDek FX is up for the job in all conditions.

Trimax Flail Mower

Flail Mower: Warlord S3 Series

Model(s): S3 175, S3 205 and S3 235

Heavy duty flail mulcher mower.

The all new Trimax Warlord S3™ with it’s hydraulic sideshift operation makes for a powerful working companion in various commercial applications. We’ve designed the Warlord S3™ to be safe and reliable for roadside and contracting work and have maintained our robust build which already made the S2 the flail of choice for hire fleets. With the ability to shred branches up to 75mm in diameter and fitted with unique features such as 3 year warranty, pruning guide and an adjustable rear flap, the Warlord is a serious commercial flail mower.

With the new sideshift we added the ability of manoeuvring the mower around trees and obstacles. For heavy duty mowing requirements, you can’t go past the Warlord S3™ for orchards, municipal and contracting operations.

Talk to us today about the capabilities of Warlord in your environment and ask for a demonstration.

Trimax Ride on Mowers/Decks

Ride on Mowers/Decks: Snake Series

Model(s): Snake

3.2m width for compact tractors.

Snake is the accumulation of over 30 years of Trimax innovation, engineering and customer insight. The free floating mowing decks move perfectly over every surface. Designed for sports turf and golf courses, Snake has the unique ability to transform a variety of conditions into an even carpet of green.

We’ve seamlessly combined our world class cut quality and have added articulation capabilities never seen before on a Trimax mower.

Built for agility, and incredibly robust, the Trimax Snake won’t fail to impress. Snake owners benefit from a proven 3 year warranty and genuine Trimax support.

Trimax Ride on Mowers/Decks

Ride on Mowers/Decks: X - WAM Series

Model(s): X- WAM 1040

Ultimate wide area mowing when quality counts.

The X-WAM™ has superior contour following abilities based on the unique combination of individually floating decks and articulated axis. With the potential to cut 33 acres per hour and the ability to perform zero-turns without having to lift any of the mower decks, the X-WAM™ will increase your productivity using one tractor, one driver, and one mower to cut 2/3 more area with a cylinder-like cut finish.

View testimonials and videos of customers who are saving thousands per year on maintenance and other equipment with X-WAM™.

Trimax Roller Mower

Roller Mower: Striker Series

Model(s): Striker

Trimax Striker is a multi-spindled rotary mower with low maintenance requirements that incorporates a unique baffle design for improved grass distribution and less clumping. Designed for tractors in the 25-35hp range, Striker has Trimax LazerBladezTM fitted as standard and has full-width front-and-rear rollers which produce an attractive striped pattern and guard against scalping. Designed to withstand tough conditions Striker has variable height adjustment for year round mowing and an enclosed cutting chamber for added safety. Able to mow quickly at a high standard Striker is ideal for educational facilities and green spaces where presentation is key.

Trimax Roller Mower

Roller Mower: Stealth S3 Series

Model(s): Stealth S3

The Stealth S3 has been designed to have a higher quality of cut, operate in a wider range of conditions, be safer, more robust, easier to operate and take less time to maintain than any previous Stealth. Backed by 30 years experience in the market, the concept of Stealth S3 was born from the demand of our customers for a mower that was more versatile in terms of long grass performance and is more user friendly for both the operator and the workshop.

Trimax Roller Mower

Roller Mower: ProCut S3 Series

Model(s): ProCut S3

The high performance ProCut Series 3 multi-spindled rotary mower is renowned for its incredible versatility. Available in four cutting widths, the ProCut S3 will deliver a cylinder finish in fine turf applications, yet its rigid, durable construction makes it equally well suited to tougher commercial environments such as parks and reserves as well as fruit orchards. Full width rollers fitted front and rear (single roller option available) enable the mower to follow ground contours without scalping, and contain any debris for safe operation in busy areas. Simple adjusters allow for easy height setting and remote grease points for spindles and bearings make maintenance a breeze. ProCut S3 mowers have been popular throughout the world due to their low operating costs and long life. With many examples of ten-year-old machines still in daily operation, you can feel confident you will get excellent performance and reliability to match.

Trimax Roller Mower

Roller Mower: Pegasus S3 Series

Model(s): Pegasus S3

The Pegasus Series 3 is Trimax’s largest and most productive mowing machine. This trailed mower comes in two models; the Classic and ILS. Both models feature full width rollers for striping, safety, and versatility and the Classic has optional individual lift for added convenience. The ILS includes a full electro-hydraulic controls allowing the operator to control individual wing lift from the tractor seat. This trailed mower is towed between sites on its own suspended transport wheels. Transport brakes are an option on all models providing safer road transportation. Upon arrival on site the mower unfolds hydraulically, releasing the three multi-spindled roller mower decks. Each deck floats independently of the others and has tri-axis articulation for superb contour following. The cylinder-like cut finish of the Pegasus S3 makes it ideal for fine turf applications, yet it is designed to perform in ‘real world’ conditions, retaining the strength and versatility required for general amenity mowing. So for the best of both worlds you can’t go past the Trimax Pegasus S3.

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