We have a lot to show you, so lets start with the basics...

We are a very straight forward company who specialise in supplying and maintaining machinery for 4 key markets; Agriculture, Groundcare, Construction and Arboriculture.

Established in 1947, we remain a wholly owned family business, and this has certainly been a factor in attracting and retaining the very best sales, parts and service staff in the industry. Its their knowledge and expertise that allow us to make the leap from being 'just another machinery dealer' into one of the most focused, customer friendly, and exciting Dealerships in the South of England.

Our secret ingredients!

We are made up of just over 200 people, working in Sales, Parts, Service, Admin and Transport. Collectively you can think of us as the secret herbs and spices.

The rest of the recipe is simple:

  • Find the best cuts of machinery from around the world and blend them together.
  • Lister Wilder - IngredientsCoat the machinery in the secret mix to produce a simply exquisite flavour that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.
  • Slow cook for just over 60 years, using 8 kitchens across Central Southern England.
  • Turn-over (£80 million per annum).
  • Add a generous helping of passion and a big dollop of dedication.
  • Serve quickly, efficiently, and with plenty of relish



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