Fendt Introduction

Since the premiere of the legendary Vario range, Fendt has been a symbol for ground-breaking innovative power in high horsepower tractor design and is the most successful high horsepower tractor range in Europe.

Today, farmers and agricultural contractors alike are confronted with growing field
sizes, disproportionately increasing transport distances and rising cost pressures.
Fendt has the answer to the challenges of the future: The Vario tractor range offers powerful, time-saving and cost-oriented technological solutions for field and road applications, all in one package.

Excellent return on investment is the key benefit of Vario tractors. The initially higher purchase price is offset by higher performance and lower fuel costs during every hour of operation. Couple this to an exceptional residual value and its no wonder people say 'can you afford not to by a Fendt!'


Fendt Introduction Image - Lister Wilder



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