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Years of hard work on the fields, farms and forests and innovative R&D have made Valtras robust and agile tractors. They have faced both rain and sunshine, extreme heat and arctic cold at their home base in Finland and beyond around the world. Their experiences don’t just make them reliable – they make them entirely adaptable to the changing face of farming and contracting. Whether it’s dairy or forestry or municipal and more, Valtra identifies the challenge and develops robust and reliable solutions to meet the needs of you.

Valtra tractors have won numerous international awards. The N4 Series was named Machine of the Year 2016 and won the Golden Tractor for the Design 2016 award, while the T4 Series was named Machine of the Year 2015 and won the Red Dot Award 2016 for product design.

  • A series 75-130 HP

    The perfect fit starts with the right size
    Configuring your A Series starts with choosing the engine power that best suits the current and future needs of your business. After that, the modular design and long list of options mean that your Valtra can be fully adapted to your needs. Valtras unique Unlimited studio offers you a truly tailored fit. Everything is possible from specialized equipment configurations to custom paint jobs – all covered by the factory warranty.

  • N series 115-201 HP

    Ease of use for any job
    The N Series provides power for pulling a plough and agility for moving hay bales. It gives excellent visibility for precision work and versatility with PTO for power-hungry implements. With the N Series, you don’t have to work harder, because you are working smarter. The tractor is compact, but inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple. Finally, you get the best fit for your farm, with the right size and the options you need, factory installed and covered by warranty.

  • T series 155-271 HP

    The T Series has been designed to meet the needs of today’s professional farmers and contractors. Combining the traditional power and strength of Valtra tractors.

    Valtra SmartTouch available with Versu and Direct transmissions. Recent accolades include the prestigeous Red Dot Award 2017.

  • S series 290-405 HP

    The total efficiency and productivity of the S Series are the result of the first-class work of Valtra designers and high-quality of implementation. When operating the tractor it is easy and the driver is comfortable, productivity can be taken to an entirely new level. All these qualities are combined in the Valtra S Series. Never before has there been such a focus on driver comfort. All available with Valtra SmartTouch.

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