Statement – COVID-19

Customer Update

Our business was founded at the end of World War II, a period in history where the country pulled together in an unprecedented way.  A similar spirit is needed as we look to manage the threat posed to society by the Coronavirus and we’re pleased to say that we’re off to a very sensible start.

Having identified the most vulnerable people within our business, conversations have taken place and appropriate measures agreed so they remain safe… some argued the case to stay in their posts, but we had to remind them this is about winning the battle and the war!

The Parts, Service, Sales and Admin teams that remain in place are able to give your business the help, support and backup you will undoubtebly need over the coming weeks and months. We expect to experience various changes to the line-up as members of the team take themselves away for self-isolation but with our extended hygiene measures, daily temperature testing for early warning signs and social distancing plans working well, we are doing all we can to make sure that everyone’s wheels keep turning.

Our premises remain open for business and we would respectfully ask that we work together to ensure we are all following government guidance. In doing this, we can keep infections to a minimum and keep beds and resources open for the people that are in most need.

In the meantime, please phone your local branch if there is anything you need. If you or your family are experiencing self-isolation then special arrangements can still be made – parts can be delivered at no charge, machines can still be safely serviced and if you speak nicely then we will even drop off any groceries or other essentials…

Finally, we would like to thank you for all the support you have already given as we manage this challenging and developing situation – the phones are always on and so please continue to call with any issues and we will work together to find solutions.

Kindest regards,

Jason Scott