Charterhouse OxyShot Air-Injection Unit

The Charterhouse OxyShot aerator relieves compaction, improves drainage and revitalises growth. Call our dedicated hire team on 03330 069 545 for details. *Based on a week’s hire.

1 Day Extra Day 1 Week 1 Month
£375 £250 £795 POA

About the Charterhouse OxyShot Air-Injection Unit

Ideal soil conditions should be comprised of:

  • 45% Mineral 5% Organic Matter
  • 25% Water 25% Air

The New Charterhouse OxyShot Air-Injection Unit is the ideal tool in the armoury of the Greenkeeper and Groundsman for troublesome areas such as bunkers, walkways, greens and around tree roots, injecting life giving air into the soil profile and allowing the plant to breath, perfect for spot treatments complementing other forms of aeration.

Available with compressor & tractor.

The Charterhouse OxyShot Air-Injection Unit has a single probe which is available in two diameters, the machine is compact and manoeuvrable allowing easy access to normally difficult to reach areas.

The OxyShot’s probe blasts air in 4 directions at variable pressures to a depth and duration that the operator requires down to a maximum of 500mm using the 25mm diameter probe, thus lifting, expanding and de-compacting the soil.

The Charterhouse OxyShot aerator is ideal for high traffic areas which are prone to a high volume of footfall causing compaction and poor grass growth.

The OxyShot has a smooth, swift, clean penetration which leaves minimal disruption to the surface. Moving across the desired surface can be done quickly and efficiently, with the distance between each injection tailored by the operator. Any imbalance can result in the soil becoming inert resulting in lack of growth or even to the loss of the plant life in the stricken soil.

A continuous network of pores and fissures in the topsoil is essential for root formation together with free drainage. Soil having less than 20% air content is unsatisfactory. Compaction results in the reduction of soil porosity.

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