Redexim Verti-Drain 2519 Aerator

With a working width of 1.90m, up to 8750 m2 per hr and a max working depth of 25cm, the Redexim Verti-Drain 2519 Aerator is one of the most productive deep tines on the market.

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About the Redexim Verti-Drain 2519 Aerator

The Redexim Verti-Drain 2519 Aerator is considered the next generation of high-speed, high-productivity aerators. It combines it’s 1.9m working width with a variable working depth of up to 250mm (10”) and can accept a range of tine options including 12mm and 19mm solid tines, as well as hollow tines for coring. This versatility makes it a popular choice with greenkeepers, groundsmen and contractors alike looking for a machine suitable for year-round operation.
As standard, the 2519 features user-friendly controls, an easy to adjust heave lever and a new draw rod system. Together with new features, it also comes with new styling and livery.

The iconic Verti-Drain® from Redexim continues to set the bar when it comes to aeration, helping leading turf managers around the world to achieve optimum soil conditions. With its working width, the new Verti-Drain 2519 has become the tool of choice for turf managers looking for a high productivity, high-speed aerator.

Offering a PTO speed of up to 540rpm, it can cover up to 8739sq.m per hour when spaced at 165mm. As standard, the Verti-Drain 2519 comes with 12mm solid tines, but it can accept a range of solid tine options up to 19mm, and hollow tines for coring. This versatility, combined with a variable working depth of up to 250mm, makes it suitable for an array of end users, across the full spectrum of the maintenance calendar. Together with a new draw-rod system, it features an easy to adjust heave lever and slip clutch PTO drive. With practicality and finesse at the heart of the machine, the 2519 also features new livery and styling.


  • Working width m: 1.95 m
  • Max working depth mm: 250 mm
  • Working speed at hole spacing 65 mm kmh: 1.75 km/h
  • Weight kg: 850 kg
  • Max diameter-solid tine mm: 18 x 250 mm
  • Max diameter hollow tine mm: 25 x 250 mm
  • Min tractor hp required: 60 HP
  • Min lifting capacity kg: 850 kg
  • Three-pointhitch: 3-Point CAT 1/2
  • Rpm max: 540 rpm
  • Gear case oil: 80W90 – 1.2
  • Dimensions mm: 1240 x 2376 x 955 mm
  • Slip clutch setting : 800 Nm

Within the Redexim Verti-Drain range are machines to suit all surfaces and applications, from smaller units for work on golf greens, through to high work-rate units demanded by busy sports turf contractors. The range spans working widths from 1.0m to 2.6m, offering variable working depths and a selection of different tine options. Using the Verti-Drain with a range of different tine options can maximise the effectiveness of aeration work conducted throughout the year.

Micro-tining can be employed during periods of drier weather to help keep the surface from “capping” over and create a path down through the profile, helping to maximise the effects of irrigation and nutritional programmes. During the winter months, deep aeration to say 12 or 14” during any relatively dry periods will help to keep surfaces playable; draining and free from puddling.

To get the very best out of your Verti-Drain, Redexim also provide a range of genuine tines. Whilst spurious tines may be a little cheaper to purchase in the first instance, it is rare that these parts will deliver the lifespan or wear tolerance of the genuine article. A turf management programme conducted with well-maintained equipment will pay off in both the health and presentation of a surface.


Innovative design, craftsmanship, and heavy-duty construction make Redexim products the standard of quality in the turf management marketplace.

They lead the way with products like Verti-Drain, Verti-Seed and Easy Spread. These unique and trend-setting machines are the most advanced turf management tools on the market, recognized for performance, quality, durability and customer satisfaction.

Redexim has become a leader in golf course and turf management equipment by supplying the best machines money can buy, and by listening to the people who use them. Forging strong relationships with customers, built on trust and respect, is essential to their promise of quality.

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