Roberine R5 Cylinder Mower

You can use the Roberine R5 cylinder mowers in a range of applications, from parks to sports grounds.

Prices from: £400 /day

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About the Roberine R5 Cylinder Mower

The Roberine R5 cylinder mowers are the result of their many years of experience in the design and development of mowing machines. In addition, the most advanced technology has been used, not only in terms of engine and drive engineering, but also in terms of mowing technology.

When it comes to development, the Roberine R5 had you in mind. For instance, the latest insights into drive and engine technology were considered when developing the 5 series. After that, this led to the combination between hydrostatic drive and permanent 4WD. In other words, maximising grip on all surfaces. The robust rear axle follows the surface and therefore offers you a lot of stability. In addition, the electronic weight transfer system aids stability. Above all, it helps you also to see better results on soft verges.

You will immediately feel at home when you sit behind the wheel of the Roberine R5 cylinder mower series. For example, all of your controls are easily operated via the ergonomic control arm. This results in less fatigue for the operator during those long working days.

See below your options for a Roberine R5 cylinder mower:

  • The mower is available with or without a comfort cab
  • There are varying transport widths available
  • Cutting width ranges from 75 to 345 cm
  • The Roberine R5 provides you with unrivalled mowing results
  • Thanks to its user friendliness the Roberine is easy to maintain
  • You have a choice of 6 or 8 blade cylinder jumbo cutting units
  • Easily adjustable height of cut of 15 to 85 mm

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