Roberine R3 Cylinder Mower

The Roberine R3 cylinder mower has a mowing width ranging from 75 to 213cm, which results in a high capacity.

Prices from: £150 /day

1 Day Extra Day 5 Days 1 Month

About the Roberine R3 Cylinder Mower

The Roberine R3 cylinder mower range are very reliable and robust for whatever the application they are required for. The cylinders are available with a diameter of 180 mm and 250 mm. The number of blades per cylinder can be determined by the operator with 6-blades or 8-blades. The easily adjustable cutting height makes the machine extremely versatile and guarantees a perfect mowing result even on uneven surfaces. In other words, this machine is extremely suitable for cost-effective operations. Therefore, maintenance costs are kept low.

Manoeuvrability and Grip

The Roberine R3 is compact and manoeuvrable and these features make the machine highly applicable. Similarly, this applies to the high transport speed. In addition, the hydrostatic 4WD makes the job even more enjoyable because during mowing operations there will always be maximum grip on any type of surface.

Operator Comfort

With the Roberine R3 the suspension seat is comfortable, which is a luxury when on the go all day. The armrest with the controls is also easy to adjust so that the operator can find the ideal working posture at all times. Furthermore, the armrest moves with the seat. Above all else, this allows the operator to always be in control of the machine. An insulated cabin can also be fitted, minimising noise. Finally, in order to make this workplace even more comfortable, optional air-conditioning is available.

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