Kubota F3890 Rotary Mower

Built for the heaviest of workloads and even the most demanding of jobs are made effortless with the F3890.

Prices from: £79 /day

1 Day Extra Day 1 Week 1 Month
£200 £125 £395 £950

About the Kubota F3890 Rotary Mower

With all the benefits of the F3090 but with an 37.3 HP engine – the F3890 is the most powerful outfront mower in the Kubota range. The Kubota F3890 Rotary Mower is ideal for mowing large areas quick and with auto assist 4WD as standard the F3890 can easily handle the more demanding work areas.

Whatever your mowing application, there’s a Kubota F-Series mower that can do the job with power, precision, and efficiency.

The revamped Kubota F3890 Rotary Mower offers professional performance with Kubota diesel engine, fabricated durable mower deck, easier maintenance, superior operator comfort as well as increased levels of productivity and reliability making them the right choice to meet all your mowing needs.

Kubota diesel engines

Powerful Kubota diesel engines mean faster, more efficient job performance. These F-Series diesel engines have power to spare. Their high torque rise ensures faster, smoother recovery under sudden loading, letting you power through tall or wet grass without skipping a beat. They’re also environmentally and economically friendly, thanks to their enhanced combustion efficiency, low vibration, noise levels and reduced fuel costs.

Easy maintenance

Downtime is unproductive time, so the F-Series is designed for quick and simple maintenance. From the quick-release engine cover to the 90-degree tilt mower deck, every detail has been geared towards getting you back on the job as quickly as possible and keeping you there as long as possible.


Long hours on the job can take a toll on operator efficiency. That’s why all Kubota F-Series mowers are equipped with a large operator’s platform and a variety of features to keep you comfortable and productive under all working conditions. You’ll notice the difference after a long day behind the wheel.


  • Available with 60″ RD
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder diesel, liquid cooled
  • 60″ rotary deck
  • Horse Power: 38
  • Transmission: HST
  • 4WD Mode: Full time 4WD or auto-assist 4WD with dual acting overrunning clutch
  • Differential Lock: Standard
  • Steering: Hydrostatic power
  • Tilt Steering: Standard
  • Weight: 815kg

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