Shelbourne Reynolds SL450 Hedge Cutter

The Shelbourne Reynolds SL450 is a 5m reach compact power slew trimmer.

Prices from: £180 /day

About the Shelbourne Reynolds SL450 Hedge Cutter

The Shelbourne Reynolds SL450 hedge cutter range has been developed & designed to suit the needs of all users. Key features such as booms have been designed with quality and strength in mind from the larger HD models, whereas weight has been saved in areas to suit smaller tractors without compromise.

The Shelbourne Reynolds SL450 hedge cutter is fitted with a fixed boom giving a maximum reach of 5.00M. Light enough to be compatible with smaller tractors but strong enough to do a hard day’s work. Designed as a base entry level trimmer where the end user can tailor the machines specifications with a variety of options to suit their individual operation.

  • 1.2m Belt Drive Head: Standard Fitment
  • twin v belt drive
  • equal size pulleys for maximum belt wrap
  • 24 flail stations on a double spiral pattern


The low pressure hydraulic joystick provides smooth precise proportional control helping the operator increase output by reducing fatigue.


Thermostatically controlled to prevent oil from becoming over-heated, improve performance and prolong oil life.


The Arm float is manually activated by operating the red valve located on the trimmer, where as the Head float is operated with the head angle cable from the cab.


Both the Arm & Head float can be operated via the controls in cab.


This allows the position of the head roller to be controlled hydraulically using the tractors spool valve.


This enables the operator to tilt the head hydraulically using a tractor spool valve to enable vertical hedge side trimming in restricted areas.


  • 50HP hydraulic system
  • Parallel boom geometry
  • Power Slew
  • Hydraulic breakback protection
  • Twin pump hydraulics with 170 litre oil tank
  • Bi-Directional belt drive 1.2M head
  • Bolted adjustable head roller
  • 4 point stabilizer frame
  • Progressive cable controls
  • Cable control rotor drive
  • LED road lights
  • Parking stands/forklift shoes

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