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April 14, 2015

The best just got better – Honda brings decades of car design know-how to boost efficiency, comfort and handling of utility ATV range

Honda has applied decades of technology and design know-how from car manufacturing to enhance its utility ATV range.  The new models offer fuel efficiency gains of 10% over their predecessors and enhanced rider comfort, handling and durability.

With changes to both the best-selling all-rounder, the TRX420, and the ultimate workhorse, the TRX500, the new models further underline Honda’s reputation for build quality, reliability and value for money with its uniquely ‘Built for Purpose’ utility ATVs:

–          Developed using CAE for the first time

–          Enhanced fuel injection system increases fuel efficiency by 10%

–          Stiffer, lighter frame enhances ride and comfort

–          All-new bodywork offers better protection for ATV and rider

–          Automotive spec fuel pump offers optimum efficiency

–          New swingarm and enclosed rear axle bring increased durability

–          21% increase in on-board power increases capability

–          Rack weights up on TRX500 for greater utility

Efficiency up, running costs down

An important aim of the development process was to improve fuel economy by 10% to reduce running costs and meet emissions regulations, without sacrificing performance. The new models deliver just that, with the added benefit of smoother throttle control and power delivery, thanks to an enhanced fuel injection system with optimised mapping, using feedback from an O2 sensor located in the exhaust.

Comfort and control up for more time in the saddle

Ride is more stable, predictable and smooth as a result of using CAE to develop the new frame, now some 20% stiffer and 5lb lighter than previously. Handling and comfort are further enhanced with increased travel to both the front and rear suspension – now adjustable for preload – delivering more precise traction and rider comfort whatever the job in hand.

The TRX500 also features an enhanced version of the Honda-patented TraxLok system, now offering a selectable front differential lock for maximum traction in tough terrain. Additionally, the rear brake on both models sits inside the wheel to give increased ground clearance.

The new models also benefit from a second-generation EPS system, offering increased manoeuvrability at low speed when either loaded or unloaded, decreased kickback and lower driver fatigue. Significant changes to the shift map in the ECU also deliver improved shift performance, to reduce the chance of gear ‘hunting’ and giving greater responsiveness.

Durability up to protect both the rider and their investment

One of the most immediately noticeable changes to the new models is the all-new bodywork; more rugged and functional to improve durability and better protect the rider from mud and debris.

To keep servicing costs down the new models feature an automotive-specification fuel pump from a Honda CR-V, with new filters offering a fivefold increase in life to 100,000km. Uniquely, the result of some clever Honda thinking, the pump now sits within the fuel tank to reduce exposure to heat. Additionally a new one-piece centre cover means no tools are required to access key engine components and the fuel tank.

A host of further durability enhancements offer better protection of key components including a new swingarm, an enclosed rear drive shaft axle and sealed knuckle bearings. Plastic CV boots now replace rubber, offering 65% greater puncture resistance and twice the tear strength.

Capability and usability up to get the job done

To further increase the capability of the range-topping TRX500, rack weights are increased significantly, from 30 to 40kg on the front and from 60 to 80kg on the rear, with maximum weight capacity up from 220 to 250kg. This increases load-carrying ability and allows use of a wider, heavier range of applications and attachments.

On-board electrical power is also increased by more than a fifth (21%), with the addition of a new dry-type battery with an uprated ACG; allowing the use of higher-power applications such as sprayers and slug pelletters.

Usability enhancements include a revised digital meter, offering better visibility of key indicators; while a thicker, more cushioned seat and an optimised rider triangle offer greater comfort for a wider range of operator. Higher output lights give more focussed light distribution at both low and high beam; while the assist light on the TRX500 now works independently of the main headlights, increasing ease of use when the front rack is loaded.

The new models will be available in both red and green, with a wide range of accessories

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