Meet The Team – Oliver Gerrish

Oliver Gerrish – Area Sales Rep 

Meet The Team

Lister Wilder Area Sales Manager Oliver Gerrish certainly has a passion for machinery, which started a long time before joining the Lister Wilder team.  

After school, Oliver embarked on a College BTEC Agricultural Engineering course sparked by some work experience he carried out at a Massey Ferguson dealership whilst at school. After proving a valuable member of the team, the dealership offered him a job to begin once he had finished his college course. 

“I started in the workshop and soon realised this wasn’t for me, I wanted to be in front of the customer more. So, I moved over to the parts department which allowed me to be more customer facing assisting with enquiries and parts sales.” Explains Oliver.

Following a successful couple of years at the dealership Oliver moved on and was soon approached by a large John Deere dealer from the South East. Offering Oliver, a role working in the parts department and assisting in the start up of their homeowner and ground care sector it was right up his street. Working in this business for several years gave him extensive experience of the ground care sector and as a result he was approached again to move to a different John Deere dealer, working in the showroom of their specialist ground care division.

“The role developed a lot while I was in it and I ended up being out and about more with customers and machines, which I enjoyed so much.” 

So much so that Oliver decided it was time to start his own business in 2008; Oliver Gerrish Machinery. He secured a compact tractor franchise which got him out selling to customers, as well as working in landscaping which helped build key relationships with local contractors in the area. 

“After a few years of running my own business, I was approached to return to the previous John Deere dealership, working as a commercial salesman. I really hit the ground running and had a successful few years working in the area and building good customer relations.” 

With such a wealth of industry experience and a reputable name in the local area it wasn’t long before Phill Hughes, Lister Wilder Sales Director started to notice Oliver’s potential. 

“Phill asked me if I would be able to make the move from John Deere sales which had formed most of my career, to coming over to Lister Wilder with Kubota and their other key franchises. It was a big move but after meeting with Jason, Charlie and Phill everything just clicked!  I was certain it was a great opportunity for my career as well as my young family.” 

Oliver began working as an Area Sales Manager for Lister Wilder in 2018, based at Ashford. The move to a new team, handling new brands was a transition, but one that has been positive for Oliver. 

“I feel a huge part of the team here and it is certainly a different management style to anything I have been used to… in a good way. I am given responsibility in my work and flexibility for my family which is really important. I feel a lot more inspired to work hard because I feel valued as a member of the team. Phill is my manager and he always includes me in decisions that will affect my department and they really listen to my opinion.”  

A welcome surprise for Oliver has been the customers that have changed brand to enable them to continue you deal with him in his new role. 

“I am all about the customer experience and ensuring it is right from the first conversation to the machine being delivered. Being recommended by people has given me such a buzz and it is a big compliment the customers that have continued to deal with me and change the brand of machinery they are used to.” 

Lister Wilder strives for a consistently positive reputation across their divisions and this is all down to a team effort and the family value approach that the management team adopt. 

“I have developed so much with Phill as a manager. He has built my confidence and always supports me 100%, I feel like his attitude has got so much more out of me. I have learnt so much more about the commercial sector since starting with Lister Wilder, it really is the whole package! It sounds cliché but trust me it is all true.” 

Lister Wilder ground care division looks after a variety of different customers across their area and that has certainly been a part of the role that Oliver enjoys. 

“I love the places I go with this role. I can be with two totally different types of customers, in two totally different places within the same day. It could be a football pitch, a national trust site or a golf club, the variety of customers we get to deal with is fantastic.” 

With such an established career within the machinery industry, Oliver’s invaluable experience has enabled him to really thrive at Lister Wilder now, and for many years to come. 

“My whole career has been a journey and I am happy that it has got me here. I don’t think I would have appreciated Lister Wilder and my role if it hadn’t been for other experiences I have gone through. I am looking forward to the future here and with the industry. With the evolution of electric, it is exciting to think the changes that could be made to what we are selling in the future.”  

With a young family, Oliver appreciates the importance of spending time with his wife and children which has inspired his recent purchase of a touring caravan. 

“I am all about building memories with my family so we recently bought a touring caravan and have already booked a few trips for next year to get away all together. It is great to have something to look forward to!”