Meet the Team – Liam Broster

Agriculture Workshop Manager – Based at Ashford 

From day dot, Liam grep up on a large-scale arable farm in Harrietsham, which is where he was born. Liam spent his younger years living and breathing tractors and machinery whilst sitting on the passenger seat in the tractor with his father. Liam always knew he wanted to work in agriculture but his family made sure he had experience away from the farm working ‘coffee-shop’ jobs, as Liam calls them. Once he was old enough to drive, there was no stopping him embarking on his passion of a career in agriculture.

Liam completed his John Deere apprenticeship seeing him gain his NVQ Level 3 in Land Based Engineering. 

“Following my apprenticeship I worked in engineering type roles for around 4-5 years, but I really had the itch to get driving so I decided to go into contracting which worked alongside work on the family farm at home.” 

After working in contracting for a number of years, Liam decided to move on, although the experience of having that all important ‘seat time’ has allowed him to feel more confident moving forward to connect with customers on another level. Following the contracting work, Liam moved on to work for a CLAAS dealer for 6 years in the service department, allowing him to keep expanding his knowledge and experience of different types of agricultural machinery. But, in 2019 is was time for a different challenge and Liam was put in touch with Lister Wilder through a friend. 

“Lister Wilder is the best place I have ever worked. They are so people orientated as opposed to being a number. With the growth of the Kubota agricultural business, the last year it has really ramped up and we are seeing more Kubota tractors in the area.” 

“The best part of my job is the team. We have the right people, and we operate efficiently. As a manger, it’s a point to be proud of and means I have the confidence in the team that we will get the job done and done right.” 

“For me, being part of the Lister Wilder allows you to feel heard. Each month we all sit down with the management and asses were we are at and what we need to change. They really focus on pushing the driving forward but by listening to our input from what we from our perspective.” 

When Liam isn’t in the workshop, you can find him kickboxing! “It’s a real passion of mine! I don’t get as much time to do it this time of year but come September, I will be back to it.”