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September 9, 2013

Special Offers from Lister Wilder . . . helping dreams become a reality

Last year we employed Mike Foyle a former Fendt Area Sales Manager to give customers the professional sales experience that comes with buying a Fendt.
Why Fendt?
The costs of running a Fendt are low, anything else may seem much cheaper on the price tag but will cost you more over the lifetime of the machine. For example:Fendt 700 Series (240hp) will save you 2 litres an hour compared to the class average this is nearly double compared to our main competitor. (5000hrs @ 70p/litre is £7,000 saving against class average)
Service & Warranty
Service contracts with us can be run as a pay as you go or you can pay upfront and fix your servicing costs for the full term, any services not used are credited. Prices for Servicing & Warranty (5 year 5,000 hour) vary from £3.45 to £3.53 an hour for the machines shown and can be lengthened or shortened in the first 12 months giving you the flexibility to change your mind if you wish.
You may well feel Fendt is too technical or too expensive, well we can assure you that this is not true in both cases, our demo team are on hand to take you through the machine and show you how easy it is to operate, once you have driven it you will be impressed. The efficiency of the Fendt is top of its class, this means the total cost of owning a Fendt will be lower than any other tractor in its class, as we say its not the price on the ticket but the cost of ownership.
For more information contact Mike Foyle today on 07802 881 074.

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