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April 23, 2015

On display at Lamma 2015 was Sumo’s current range of cultivation equipment designed for farmers all over the world…

DD (Direct Drill)

 Sumo Cropped

An ultra-low disturbance disc drill designed to work into a zero or no-till seed bed, including previous crop residues and cover crops, also with the ability to meter dual products of seed and fertilizer. Seeding units are mounted on hydraulically pressurized parallelograms, which allows for contour following and down force adjustment. A single 450mm disc set at an angle cuts through the soil and opens up a trench which seed and product is placed into. A spiked wheel then follows which breaks the trench wall and covers the seed with soil and firms the seeding area. Row spacing is 200mm and has a drilling depth range of 100mm with manual adjustments. Hopper capacity is 3600ltrs with a 50:50 split for dual products which are metered using the new ORGA variable rate metering system. The seeding elements fold horizontally for road transport and a full road lighting kit if fitted as standard.


Front Mounted Hopper– For the application of grain or fertilizer, capable of handling over one tonne. Seed or fertiliser is metered by our Orga metering system and variable rate is possible with Artemis control. Ground speed radar and road lighting kit are standard and a hydraulic fan drive.


Front Mounted Strake– There is a demand for such a machine to work ahead of drills working directly into stubble to spread out straw or to work in conjunction with a shallow cultivator. Using the same tine as the rear mounted machine from the range, the model at the recent open days had its tines arranged so they matched up with the DTS coulter spacing. The outer wings on the 4m machine fold manually. Trailed Mixidisc- Launched at Lamma will be a Trailed Folding Mixidisc. Available in 5m, 6m and 7m formats with a 3m transport width. Lights and brakes as standard, these models feature a parallel drawbar, X-formation discs and hydraulically adjustable leveling paddles. Working depth is controlled via pins on the large diameter Multipacka and drawbar ram slices. Discs units contain triple sealed taper-roller bearings and options include a rear drawbar, wheel eradicators and linkage mounted drawbar.


Multipacka Front Press- To expand the range of equipment for the front of the tractor, Sumo are launching a Multipacka Front Press. Available in 1.5m – 4m (rigid or folding) working widths featuring a steering headstock, with the option of rigid tines or leveling paddles, both at 250mm spacing. The Multipacka has an overall diameter of 800mm and can be filled with water if extra weight is required.

For more details, please contact your nearest depot……


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