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August 27, 2010

Precision agriculture, combining high-accuracy GNSS technology, sophisticated software, machine guidance and metering systems, crop analysis systems, weather monitoring and telematics, is changing the face of agriculture around the world. It allows farmers at all levels, ranging from small family-run operations to large agri-businesses, to achieve significant improvements in farming efficiency. Benefits include increased yields, savings in time, higher productivity, reduced pollution, and more precise applications of both nutrients and seed.

Today, precision agriculture is about three key elements:

  1. Saving time
  2. Reducing cost
  3. Environmental stewardship

These three elements are the building blocks for the rise in the precision agriculture market.

Saving Time

The latest precision agriculture technology delivers significant timesaving opportunities, whether it’s a family-owned farm or a large corporate agriculture business.

Typically on family farms, everyone is stretched for time so saving time on larger-scale jobs frees farmers, their families and staff up for other  jobs, as well as more free time to give them a better quality of life.

On large agribusiness enterprises, time savings translate into higher productivity and increased yields. And because of the scale of these operations, the return on investment can be very rapid indeed.

Reducing Cost

The latest precision agriculture technology offers significant opportunities for cost savings across a whole range of farming activities, including:

  1. Reduced requirements for seed, nutrients, pesticides and other chemicals . Tasks are done right, first time, every time, any time
  2. Higher productivity
  3. Reduced fuel usage.

Environmental Stewardship

Precision agriculture technology is playing a significant role in reducing the environmental impacts of farming by reducing pollution and runoff, through lower chemical use, minimal overspray, better targeting because sprays, nutrients, etc., are only used where they are needed.

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