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Baroness have been producing grass cutting machinery in Japan for over 50 years and have developed a full range of fine turf and golf course machinery aimed at the maintenance of specific types of terrain, grass types or desired finish. From pedestrian greens mowers to 5 gang fairway mowers the range has been manufactured with three main objectives in mind, low cost of ownership, ease of use and reduced maintenance intervals, thus ensuring that the customer experiences the best value for money solution available. Baroness UK are proud to be suppliers of equipment to a large number of golf courses, sporting facilities, and schools across the country and together we look forward to showing you the benefits that the brand can bring to your course or pitches.

Key Features

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance intervals

About Baroness Greens & Tees Equipment

Baroness LM315 Greens Triple

Building on tried and tested technology, the new Baroness LM315 Greensmower gives you all the advantages of a hybrid drive mower, with the reliability of mechanical drive to the cutting units, a choice of reel speeds and the best cutting units in the business, with the added benefit of a reliable Kubota diesel engine.

  • Cable drive cutting units – Provides hybrid technology without complicated or expensive electric motors
  • Gear drive units – Provides minimal maintenance – reducing cost and downtime
  • Tried & tested design – Twin lift points ensures positive lift and lower minimilising the risk of turf damage
  • Transport button cutting unit lift – Increase ground clearance and secures units when in transportation providing more operator comfort and less wear and strain on units
  • Adjustable steering wheel – For maximum operator comfort
  • Kubota diesel engine – Providing peace of mind with the market leading industrial engine, known to be both reliable and economical
  • Baroness reel and bedknife quality – Provides an exceptionally high quality of cut, enhancing grass condition and reducing the risk of disease. Increased time between regrinds saves money and reduces downtime
  • Rear roller brushes – Ensure a clean distribution of grass clippings
  • 3 stage cutting unit removal – No tools required! Dramatically reducing servicing and maintenance times

Baroness LM56 & LM66 Walk Behind Cylinder Mowers

Among the lightest in their class, solidly built, highly manoeuvrable and constructed to a quality standard second to none. Baroness walk behind cylinder mowers are built to provide the highest quality finish on all fine turf areas. Completely gear driven, Baroness mowers are easier to maintain and more durable than mowers with other drive systems such as belts or chains

  • Baroness TR50 Trailer – Now has the option to include the TR50 trailer – transporting your mower safely while maintaining your set HOC insuring a consistent cut from the first hole to the last.

Baroness LM101 Walk Behind Cylinder Mowers

Making greens services consistent is important for all golf courses. Depending on the condition of the turf, this could become the most difficult task. With the lightest weight mower unit and the smallest pitch between rollers, the LM101 minimises the risk of scalping even on severe undulations. As the mobile unit is independent from the grass catcher, the LM101 allows you to mow uniformly from beginning to end.

  • High-quality reel cutter made of high carbon steel
  • Cutting unit and grass catcher can be separated
  • Follows undulating surfaces
  • Reduces the damage of scalping on the greens

Baroness FS900 Sweeper/Collector

Introducing the all new Baroness FS900 Core sweeper/collector with a superb compact design that can easily be manoeuvred on the tightest of greens & tees.

  • A light and very compact versatile machine, with superb manoeuvrability
  • Ideal for Greens, tees, approach’s, small fairways, tennis and croquet courts
  • Collects not only cores but also grass clippings, leaves and sand
  • The brush height can be adjusted easily while sitting in the driver’s seat, making it easy to adjust for different surfaces.
  • Equipped with a hydraulic high-lift hopper for easy dumping of debris onto a trailer or utility vehicle, a buzzer will also sound when the hopper is full
  • A Very fast and efficient machine saving time and money when carrying out renovations in tight time frames


  • Total length: 256㎝
  • Total width: 177cm
  • Total height: 149cm
  • Weight: 757kg
  • Engine: Vanguard356447 13.2Kw〈18Ps〉/3,600rpm
  • Fuel tank: 16L(Petrol)
  • Speed: 0~17km/h (10.5mph)
  • Working width: 81cm
  • Bucket capacity: 420 Litres
  • Height of bucket: 160cm
  • Efficiency per hour : 5,200m2 per hour (@ 8Km per hour)

Key Features

Adjustable Brush Height
The brush height can be adjusted easily while sitting in the driver’s seat, making it easy to adjust for different surfaces.

A light and very compact versatile machine, with superb movability

Baroness AgriMetal Rollers

Baroness are pleased to announce they are the new sole importer and distributor for AgriMetal rollers for the U.K. The range available will consist of the GR-400 & GR-660.

Adam Butler Sales Director adds: We are extremely pleased and excited to be working with such a well-made and respected brand. We already produce market leading cutting technology for a wide range of mowing equipment but now we have added to our portfolio, in my option, one of the most affordable and well-made rollers on the market. To add the icing on the cake they will be rolling off the production line sprayed in the fantastic Baroness Red.

The range available will consist of the GR-400 & GR-660. The GR-400 model is the most affordable, high specification roller on the market with the GR-660 model providing an industry leading 66” width roll.

Key Features

Hydro-Gear Hydrostatic pump
The Hydro-Gear hydrostatic pump has been mated with Honda’s reliable 13hp engine ensuring maximum torque and efficiency. Each head is power by its own hydraulic motor in series to distribute flow and torque evenly.

Automatic chain tightener system
Thanks to the automatic chain tightener system there is less time spent on adjustments, the chains are also located inside a closed box, helping prevent grass clipping, sand & any other debris getting into the drive mechanism.

Easy Maintenance
Each floating head has openings on the top front & back, making clean up simple. The easier it is the more likely it will get done.

Floating steering head
The roller’s floating head design effortlessly follows the contours of the most severe undulations, providing a higher roll factor and a better putting surface with minimal compaction.

Hydraulic assisted steering
The hydraulic assisted steering drive system make it easy for the operator to operate the roller, with the floating steering head providing the industries tightest turning radius.This unique design has built in guides to ensure minimal overlap with maximum productivity.

Ramp self locking mechanism
The ramp self-locking mechanism provides safe transportation. Thanks to the ramp spring assisted hinge system. It’s easy for the operator to lift it back up before driving to the next green.


  • Engine: Honda 13HP with electric start (6.1 Litre petrol tank)
  • Height with trailer: 168cm / GR660 160cm
  • Width with trailer: 132cm / GR660 196cm
  • Length with trailer: 246cm / GR660 246cm
  • Machine weight: 427Kg / GR660 515kg
  • Transport trailer & 2 x LED lights as standard (Optional front & rear brush available)
  • Working width: GR400 102cm / GR660 168cm
  • Ground Pressure: GR400 5.9 PSI / GR660 7.8 PSI with 80KG operator (Variable with different turf conditions)

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