D. W. Tomlin

D. W. Tomlin's product range includes a wide choice of machinery suitable for use in agricultural, horticultural & amenity areas with compact and larger tractors. The range of machinery has proved extremely popular from individual use through to local authorities.

Key Features

  • A variety of machinery suitable for multiple uses
  • Built to suit your needs
  • Ideal for horticultural, agricultural & amenity areas

About D. W. Tomlin

D. W. Tomlin also manufactures the ‘Longdog’ product range. Longdog products have been specially designed for use with ATV vehicles & quad bikes. This range includes fully galvanised road legal and off-road trailers, rotary toppers and the award-winning Bracken o’ Bliterator.

ATV Equipment

D. W. Tomlin provides British made Longdog ATV equipment include road legal trailers, off-road trailers, rotary toppers, ballast rollers, bracken obliterators, sheep feeders and drag harrows. A comprehensive range of machinery to meet the needs of the ATV operator.

Leveling Harrows

1.22m – 1.83m
16hp – 30hp
Available with crumbler

Springtine Cultivators

1.22m – 1.83m
16hp – 30hp
Available with crumbler

Seedbed Cultivators

1.22m – 1.83m
16hp – 30hp
Available with crumbler

Chisel Cultivators

Working depth up to 450mm
3 tine – 16hp
5 tine – 30hp
5 Tine Chisel HD – 40hp

Disc Harrows

1.07m – 1.98m
16hp – 40hp


Working depth up to 500mm
Single Leg Subsoiler – 16hp
Single Leg Mole Drainer – 16hp
Twin Leg Subsoiler – 30hp

Rotary Power Harrows

16hp – 40hp
1.10m – 2.30m
Available with crumbler and packer roller

Rotary Cultivators

15hp – 90hp
0.90m – 2.50m
Available with crumbler/packer roller

Stone Burriers

Fitted with a choice of cage or packer roller.

18hp – 135hp
1.05m – 4.00m
18hp – 120hp


All D. W. Tomlin models fitted with disc coulter & adjustable depth wheel as standard. Furrow width 250mm, depth of work up to 250mm.

Single furrow 16hp
Two furrow 30hp

Single furrow 20hp

Rear Scraper Blades

Multi positional-angle to RH or LH, push or pull.

1.22m – 1.52m
16hp – 30hp


Standard and heavy-duty options

1.22m – 2.44mm
4 – 7 bar
16hp – 50hp

Turf Mole Drainers

1 – 4 legs
16hp – 50hp
Working depths up to 300mm

Post Hole Borers – 16hp

Augers 0.10m – 0.45m
Boring depth up to 1.00m

Pallet Forks

500kg – 1500kg
16hp – 60hp

Buck Rakes – 16hp

Tines 1100mm long
1.25m tipping/non-tipping

Transport Boxes

16hp – 30hp
Non-tipping and tipping models available

Utility Trailers

Other sizes can be supplied to order.

Low loading
1.50m x 1.10m

Small holder
1.25 tonne – 2.00 tonne
Solid sides and rear tip


1.25 tonne – 5.50 tonne
Rear/3 way and high lift tip available

Road legal and off-road trailers also available
Suitable for ATV, RTV and car mounting

Ramp Trailers

Hydraulic tipping with folding ramp

2.00 tonne – 4.00 tonne
30hp – 50hp
PVC roof canopy c/w Frame

Flat Ballast Rollers

1.22m – 3.66m
120kg – 5215kg

Transport Rollers

2.44m – 3.66m
50hp – 90hp

Cambridge Rollers

1.22m – 3.20m
400kg – 1350kg

Hand Rollers

50kg – 600kg


1.20m – 2.50m
20hp – 60hp
Working depth up to 230mm

Chain Harrows

1.22m – 6.00m
12hp – 90hp
Heavy grassland

Spring Harrows

Tine diameter 8mm. Tines are adjustable.

1.50m – 2.50m
16hp – 30hp

Sweeper Collectors

Ideal for collecting cut grass & leaves on grass or hard surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning paddocks – HD bristles & paddock rake required.

1.20m3 – 1.80m3 hopper capacity
16hp – 30hp
1.20m tip height


Single blade rotor with swinging blade tips. Floating top link. PTO shear bolt protected. Height of cut adjusted by side skid 25-100mm.

1.25m – 2.15m
18hp – 50hp

Roller Mowers

1.35m – 2.44m
24hp – 40hp

Flail Mowers

1.00m – 1.85m
16hp – 40hp
Front and rear-mounted options

Finishing Mowers

Suitable for cutting semi lawn areas. 3 blade rotors, belt-driven. Depth control by 4 pneumatic wheels adjusted by spacers or optional rear roller. Height of cut 25-100mm.

1.20m – 2.10m
16hp – 40hp


3-way work position – in-line, LH or RH angle. Depth control by adjustable castor wheels.

1.30m – 2.40m
16hp – 40hp

Verge Mowers

In-Line Mowing
90o Hedge Cutting, 65o Ditch Mowing

250kg – 270kg
1.20m – 1.40m
20hp – 30hp

Log Slitters

Supplied with its own pump & oil. No tractor hydraulics required

9 tonne – 12 tonne
16hp – 24hp
450mm – 600mm cut


Linkage mounted PTO drive, 3600 turn discharge chute & adjustable spout angle.

100mm DIA capacity
Manual/hydraulic feeds

Mini Balers

Produces Bales 50cm Dia x 70cm Long
Twine/net wrap

Drum Mowers

Ideal for cutting hay & rough grass areas.

1.00m – 1.35m
16hp – 35hp
Folds up for road transport.

Finger Bar Mowers

1.30m – 1.65m
16hp – 30hp

Rotary Tedders

Suitable for tedding cut hay. When fitted with a windrowing attachment creates rows of hay suitable for M50 & conventional baler.

2.00m – 2.60m
16hp – 24hp

Circular Hay Rakes

Traditional machine for tedding & rowing hay. Adjustable rows make it compatible with all balers.

2.00m – 2.80m
2 or 4 wheel options
16hp – 35hp

Rotary Hay Rakes

For rowing up prior to baling. Compatible with all balers.

2.00m – 2.80m
16hp – 24hp

Fertiliser Spreaders

Tractor mounted or trailed options
Steel or plastic hopper options
Disc or oscillating tube spreading
18hp – 40hp


90ltr – 250ltr
3m – 6m boom
16hp – 24hp

Salt Spreaders

Trailed or tractor-mounted options
48ltr – 1000ltr
16hp – 30hp
3km – 15km spread

Snow Blowers

Front and rear-mounted, PTO or hydraulic driven

1.35m – 1.65m
20hp – 30hp

Snow Blades

Ride-on mower, out front mower, RTV and tractor mounting options

1.20m – 3.00m
12hp – 100hp

Front Linkages

Suitable for compact tractors up to 40hp c/w quick-hitch A-frame

Kubota RTV Accessories

Roll up PVC doors and rear panel
Backrest and bench seat cover
Galvanized Mesh Extension Sides

Kubota Loaders

Pallet and much fork options
Bale spikes also available
500kg – 1000kg loader


2 – 3 row
16hp – 24hp

Vegetable Diggers

Compact – 16hp

Low Loaders

4.60m x 2.44m
4 tonne
Other Sizes & Types Can Be Supplied To Order

Galvanised Water Bowsers

600 ltr – 2000ltr



30hp – 100hp
Medium/standard/heavy duty and mole drainer options

Levelling Harrows

2.44m – 3.66m
40hp – 70hp
Available with crumbler

Inter Row Cultivators

3 – 4 row
30hp – 40hp

Bale Spikes

Single bale – 16hp

Onion Toppers

8 – 24 rollers
Small hopper

Root Lifters

1.22m – 1.83m
40hp – 60hp

About D. W. Tomlin

D. W. Tomlin is a family-owned and run machinery manufacturer which has been established for over 50 years in the heart of Lincolnshire. Their products are designed and manufactured on-site in the UK, utilising high-quality materials and craftsmanship for products that last.

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