Grillo S.p.A. has been designing and producing professional machines for both agriculture and green maintenance for over 60 years, its products being suitable not also for professional but also for domestic use.

Key Features

  • Over 60 years of innovation
  • Ideal for both professional and domestic users alike
  • Models suited for a range of applications

About Grillo

Rotavators/Tillers and Walking Tractors

This range is a precious working tool in gardening and agriculture. It is mainly used for soil tilling, and in combination with the series of available attachments by Grillo, the walking tractor can be used to carry out a number of different works. They can endure through anything and any season:

  • In spring – used to finely till the soil to prepare it for sowing.
  • In summer – till the ground between the rows makes the ground soft and free from weeds; this ensures the penetration of water and moisture into the soil.
  • In autumn – till the cultivated areas in order to cut and to till under the remaining plants. This will give way to the rearrangement of a compost that lets the plants decompose into the soil adding therefore organic nourishment ready to be used the following spring.
  • Winter – Grillo offers snow-throwers, snow blades and snow brushes to set streets and avenues free from ice and snow.

Wheeled Trimmers

Grillo wheeled trimmers are ideal for cutting grass in rural areas and to carry out finishing work around trees and other obstacles etc. They can be used as a mower for small and even ground areas. They are extremely compact and maneuverable, light and have an innovative design. You can now get to those hard to reach places with ease. Comfortably follow a straight trajectory, and cut with precision near posts, walls or fences. Plus in order to allow a higher degree of safety, the clockwise rotation of the cutting head throws the grass in the opposite direction to that of the operator.

Sickle Bars

The Grillo Sickle Bars are perfectly balanced machines, the engine and the PTO are positioned in such a way to obtain an ideal ground clearance for mowing on slopes. These machines are ideal for cutting all grass types and can be used in rustic areas, fruit orchards, paddocks and meadows.

Tracked Carriers

Grillo tracked carriers can face any kind of difficult situations and grounds. Tracked carriers are ideal for the transport of goods and other material in diffrent sectors: on the countryside, on building sites, on the snow, in agriculture, animal breeding, industry and greenery maintenance.

The mechanical transmission ensures the full exploitation of the engine’s power. The crawler track’s rubber profile also allows traction on grounds with little grip and on friable grounds, as well as on steep slopes. The tipping load body made of steel can be raised forward; the Dumper models offer a high load capacity. The openable side boards can be blocked horizontally to considerably increase the load surface. With the highly and accurately tested transmission, the steel rollers mounted on bush-sleeves and fitted with greasers, ensure reliability and long-lasting life together with the robust frame.

Garden Machines

These products work in the most difficult places, with slopes, uneven grounds and tight areas. Grillo has designed and produced a complete series of perfect running machines for grass cut and for the cutting of coppice and wooden shrub in a safe and efficient way.

The output of the cutter deck ensures high speed operatively. Thanks to the hydrostatic transmission it is always possible to find the right speed in every situation. “Tractor” wheels, optimal weight distribution and diff-lock are standard features of Grillo’s special garden machines!

Ride-on Lawnmowers with Twin Functions Cutter Deck

The ride-on lawnmowers with dual function cutter deck in a ventral position ensure an exceptional finish even on uneven grounds or when working under low branches.

The common characteristics of the 3 MD models are great versatility as well as a low centre of gravity which ensures stability.

MD13 and MD16 are equipped with Quick Shift levers which allows you to change the cutting modes; the control can be operated by remaining comfortably seated and allows the choice between mulch cut mode or side discharge.

The MD22 has a cutting width of 130 cm and ensures a high output in large areas.

The latest addition to the Grillo lawnmower range is the agile, light and easily maneuverable FD 500. This mower is a hydrostatic, 2-wheel drive machine, complete with a 113cm front cutting deck and a grass collection container with a 190cm high discharge and 15cm overhang. Its structure, compact dimensions and turning radius of only 32 cm make it particularly agile.

To ensure an optimal finish the mulch cut mode can be used after the first pass with side discharge. The Grillo MD lawnmowers are really easy to drive.

Outfront Mowers with Collection

The quality cut of Grillo out-front mowers is extraordinary. Following one’s needs you can collect the grass with the grass catcher or cut it very finely using the mulching mode.

The Grillo out-front mowers are very easy to drive. Drive through a steering wheel and optimal visibility combined with the machine’s agility given by the extremely small turning radius, allow everybody to take care of their lawn by having fun.

Outfront Mowers With or Without Collection

Grillo out-front mowers with and without collection are compact and manageable in every situation even on slopes thanks to the all-wheel-drive, the diff-lock and the perfect weight distribution. There is a wide choice among the cutter decks: with collection, rear or side discharge and mulching.

High performance engines and hydrostatic transmission make the work of the greenery maintenance operator an extraordinary experience. A great visibility of the area to be cut for maximum precision, the possibility to mount on sideways and the noise reduced to the minimum whilst mowing are only some of the features of Grillo out-front mowers with and without collection.

Zero Turn Ride-on Mowers

Zero Turn Ride-on Mowers are the ideal machine for the care of grassed areas in both the professional and domestic environment.

The manoeuvrability is achieved by the hydrostatic twin lever control system. The compact size and high performing engine, allows large areas to be cut at high speed! Also narrow spaces and places full of shrubs will be maintained with ease.

The finished cut will always be exceptional either in the mulching mode, appropriate when mowing frequently or in rear discharge mode, appropriate for very high grass. The passage from mulching cut to rear discharge has never been so easy. The “Quick Shift” lever lets you change from one mode to the other whilst remaining comfortably seated on the machine.

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