Köckerling Grassland Cultivation

Köckerling grassland cultivation equipment produce a range of robust tillage and cultivation machinery.

Key Features

  • Robust machines for all working conditions
  • Tillage equipment to suit all soil types
  • All year round tillage

About Köckerling Grassland Cultivation

Grassland Cultivation


The professional leveller, aerator, re-seeder and over seeder for all pastures

Improving grassland requires various work. Opening up the sward in spring together with rolling are ways to raise the grassland quality.

For some years now much has been learnt about the effect of grass scarifying. The Grasmaster is a special scarifying harrow that removes all old grass, meadow grass, moss and weeds.

Molehills are levelled and dry dung pats are shattered. The massive cross-board leveller really works well levelling molehills and breaking clods when reseeding on ploughed ground to provide a level seed-bed.

The special spring steel harrow tines designed for grassland work are aggressive and remove the dead grass, dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. All tine fields are supported by a land wheel that permits precise ground contact. A mounted seed drill is an option. The fan is powered by a PTO shaft to ensure a constant and strong flow of air which gives an even seed distribution. This can be difficult to achieve with an electrically driven fan. The metering wheel is driven by a spoked land wheel, the seed is delivered down 8 tubes into the tine fields where the vibration of the tines spread the seed all over the ground.

For many dairy farmers, the Grasmaster is the optimum machine for grassland maintenance and re-seeding. Increased profits of 15% are not unusual in the first two years. Critical for this effect is the timing of the overseeding operation. Warm damp conditions make the germination more certain. The growth of the new grass is impeded in dry conditions or by late frosts.

The grass varieties are also critical and should match the climate, altitude and be the right mixture for the prevailing conditions.

About Köckerling

Köckerling produces a range of robust tillage, cultivation, seeding and grassland management equipment which is a welcomed addition to the dealer’s portfolio. The German manufacturer supplies the UK market through distributor Sam Agri Ltd based at Basingstoke. Lister Wilder is ideally placed to ensure full support and back up from the distributor.

About Lister Wilder

Lister Wilder are a friendly, family business that’s home to some of the UK’s finest machinery franchises including Kubota, Merlo, Baroness, Roberine, Trimax, Dennis, Sisis, Charterhouse, Timberwolf, Husqvarna, Stihl, SALSCO Rollers and Bomford Turner. These are all supported by the most knowledgeable Sales, Parts and Service teams in the country.

With branches across the South of England supplying a variety of machinery to the groundcare, agricultural, arboricultural and construction divisions. From tractors, compact tractors, utility vehicles and mowers to verti-drains, aerators, seeders and cultivators we supply for all divisions in the industry. We cover Berkshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Surrey, London, Middlesex, Hampshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire. Across our territory, we provide expert Sales advice and outstanding Parts & Service support for those working within the Agricultural, Groundcare, Construction and Arboricultural sectors.

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