Kubota Choppers

The extensive range of Kubota choppers ensures there is a model to suit every operating requirement. Each model provides great results in a wide variety of conditions. All models are solidly constructed with a robust gearbox and rugged “V” belt transmission. A high strength body with double plating in critical areas provides further reassurance. A combination of precision engineered rotor shafts and hard wearing blades ensure reliable operation while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Built for performance in even the toughest conditions
  • Reliable, robust and precise
  • A model to suit every operating requirement

About Kubota Choppers

Kubota SE1001-8000: versatile, reliable, efficient

SE1001 and SE3000 series

Kubota Choppers for green areas and vineyards with working widths from 1.20-2.50m.

SE2000 and SE2000P series

Side pivoting Kubota Choppers for road maintenance with working widths from 1.55- 2.50m.

SE4000 series

Multipurpose light choppers with working widths from 2.35-3.25m.

SE5000-SE6000 series

Multipurpose Kubota Choppers with working widths from 2.35-3.20m.

SE7000L-SE7000 series

Agri Kubota Choppers with working widths from 1.95 -3.20m.

SE8000 series

Agri Kubota Choppers with working widths from 3.20-4.00m.

Kubota SE1001

The Kubota SE1001 grass chopper is a small, medium-duty machine suited to operation use on slightly rough ground, green amenity areas and tidying up the pasture.

Compact size – easy to operate

The Kubota SE1001 series chopper is available in three models with working widths from 1,20m to 1.80m, is very easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

As well as the universal blades fitted as standard, blades for stony conditions and cup blades can also be fitted on request. The Kubota SE1001 is suitable for tractors up to 50hp and it is the perfect choice for green areas.

The core of the FML chopper is the rotor: fast rotation speed (2052rpm) in combination with a high number of blades give the SE1001 a superb chopping performance.

As standard, the SE1001 offers a mechanical offset: the headstock can be fitted in the centre or on the left side of the chopping unit.

The SE1001 is equipped as standard with a rear roller which allows reliable cutting height control. Alternatively, a pair of skids can be supplied on demand.


The Kubota SE3000 Chopper is a compact and heavy-duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It is also equally at home tidying pasture and other grass fields, chopping straw and stubble.

Compact heavy-duty machine

Due to its rugged construction, the SE3000 series ensures a long lifetime with minimal maintenance. Adjustable headstock offset up to 500mm gives added versatility for reaching under fruit trees and safer working close to the edges of drainage channels.

As an option, hydraulic adjustment of the offset can be specified. In addition, the standard roller and skids support the chopper and provide a consistent working height.

The design of the SE3000 series is modern and versatile; the latest generation rotor can be equipped with different types of blades, making them adaptable to most conditions. Highest rotor speeds (2160rpm) in combination with a counterknife and a double skin, guarantee an excellent shredding effect with minimal power requirement.


The Kubota SE2000 series is a new multipurpose chopper for road maintenance, clearing out field edges, ditches and hedges. In addition, the SE2000 series shows versatility in operation on grass, light wood and bushes thus being ideal for the maintenance of parks, gardens and roadsides.


Due to the possibility of different working angle positions, the SE2000P series is a highly versatile solution for farm and road maintenance purposes. Compact but robust it offers superb manoeuvrability and provides a high level of reliability.

Compact and easy

Compared to the standard SE2000 chopper, the plus version offers greater offset (1255mm) and reaches positions and working angles impossible to get to with other machines. In addition, the SE2000P can be combined with a front-mounted chopper (SE4000 and SE6000 series), to maximise working width.

Lateral transmission

Power transmission by a gearbox with an integrated freewheel (up to 150hp) and five belts which incorporate an automatic tensioner, provide stable rotor speed even when working in tough conditions. A PTO shaft with wide-angle joint is fitted as standard equipment.

Robust and guarded

Mainframe and parallelogram articulation designed according to FEM analysis and calculations; heavily tested in Kverneland Klepp laboratory to ensure a reliable and long working life. Gearbox and transmission protected against misuse during operation.


Multi-purpose – for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble.

A strong double headstock allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor. Together with a hydraulic offset facility, it gives multi-purpose versatility for nearly all conditions e.g. clearing out field edges, orchards, road edges. Available with hammer blades or universal Y blades combined with fan blades.

Hydraulic Offset

Ideal for clearing out field edges. Versatile use also for road maintenance. The precisely aligned offset frame machined after the welding process ensures strong and reliable guidance.

Greasable nylon bushes ensure a long lifetime.


The central gearbox fitted into the headstock ensures that the PTO-shaft remains at the same angle in all working positions. Even on max. 500 mm offset the PTO angle does not change. This guarantees a smooth drive, reduced wear and a longer lifetime of the PTO shaft and the whole driveline (crosses and yokes).

Rear roller

Standard equipment for reliable depth control in all conditions. Ø 160mm with 45mm bearing hub and greasable ball bearings. Replaceable integrated bearing housing. Roller interchangeable with skids.


The heavy-duty headstock is well proven with the design taken from the Kverneland harrow range.

Lateral Drive

Drive-by five VX type V-belts running on invertible pulleys which allows adaptation for 540 or 1000 rpm drive. Idler wheel with automatic tensioner spring always ensures stable and low wear on the belt drive.

Counter Knives and Double Skin

One standard U-counter knive. A second U-counter knive is available (optional equipment) for more intense shredding and heavy conditions. Also combinable with double skin.


The Kubota SE5000 series is a multi-purpose machine for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble. The hydraulic offset facility of the SE5000 gives you the possibility to clear out field edges, orchards and road edges.

Cost-effective machine

A choice of hammer blades or universal Y blades with short fan blades produce perfect shredding quality in all conditions. With an offset facility of up to 52cm the SE5000 range is the ideal solution for field and farm maintenance. In addition, the large diameter of the rotor (540mm) guarantees excellent cut quality with low power requirement. Easy and minimal maintenance make the SE5000 series a cost-effective machine to operate.


Headstock designed and tested for heavy applications. With all forces and stress concentrated on the three-point linkage.


Central gearbox rated up to 160hp with an integrated freewheel as standard. The drive pulleys are reversible allowing for operation with either 540 or 1000 rpm input speed. Five grooved V-belts combined with an automatic tensioner ensure smooth power transmission. No maintenance required.


A massively strong tube with dimensions of 245 x 10mm forms the basis of the rotor. The large overall working diameter of the rotor (540mm) guarantees an excellent cut with a low power requirement. The counterknife and the double skin are suggested for a finer shredding of residues and a longer working life of the frame. Skids and a roller are standard equipment and provide accurate control of working height. The roller has a 245mm diameter and is self-cleaning (the blades are running very close to the roller profile – 15mm).


Double headstock allows front or rear mounting of the SE6000. Sliding tube integrated in the headstock; all forces are concentrated on the three-point linkage. Standard fit 52cm hydraulically operated offset facility.

Robust transmission

A central gearbox rated up to 160 hp with double integrated freewheel as standard. The drive pulleys are reversible allowing for operation with either 540 or 1000 rpm input speed. Five V-belts combined with an automatic belt tensioner ensures smooth power transmission, preventing slippage in the toughest working conditions. No maintenance is required. The double headstock allows front or rear mounting of the SE6000 series. Sliding tubes are integrated in the headstock; all stresses are concentrated on the three-point linkage. Standard fit 52cm hydraulically operated offset facility.


Excellent performance, as well as very limited power requirement and maintenance activities (low operating costs), make the SE7000L chopper the ideal choice for farmers and contractors.

An agri chopper suitable for different crops

The Kubota 7280L is an agri chopper suitable for grassland renewal, maize, sunflower and sorghum shredding. The frame of the chopping unit is designed with a curved profile, while the rear cover can be opened to handle large amounts of crop residue. In addition, the high chopping chamber guarantees blockage free performance in even the toughest conditions.

The roller bearings are integrated and protected and do not need regular greasing. The semi pivoting wheel kit is also maintenance-free. Double skin and a second counter knife can be added as accessories in order to extend the life of the chassis and create finer chopped residues.


The SE7000 range comprises Kubota’s largest and toughest grass and straw choppers built for heavy-duty work on set-aside land and cultivated fields. But also suited to fruit farms, clearing scrub and tidying pasture. The SE7000 series is available in 4 working widths covering all operating requirements.

The unique versatility and high field performance

Kubota SE7000 choppers offer unique operational versatility. The high rotor speed combined with a large number of blades increases the cutting efficiency while reducing the input power required. The rotor is manufactured precisely and is dynamically balanced after the blades have been fitted; this provides smooth running without vibration.

Range of accessories

The SE7000 series can be equipped with different blade types in order to fulfil all operating requirements. Skids are included in the standard configuration. Wheels are optionally available. Furthermore, a double skin and second counterknife are also optionally available. However, all models are solidly constructed throughout with a robust gearbox and very strong power transmission to the “V” belts driving the rotor. In addition, a strengthened chassis incorporates double plating in the areas subjected to the highest stress.

The combination of Kubota’s precisely manufactured rotor shafts and hard-wearing blades makes the SE7000 models extremely reliable.


The Kubota SE8000 range has been designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements. SE8000 choppers have been designed to provide comprehensive chopping of crop residues for more effective decomposition.

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