Kubota FlexiWrap Baler-Wrapper

Kubota FlexiWrap has all the features of the standard BV5000 series, plus the FlexiWrap system which bales and wraps in one go. The high-speed wrapping ensures that wrapping will finish before the next bale is ready – fast and efficient integrated baling.

Key Features

  • Come with all the features of the standard BV5000 series
  • FlexiWrap system bales and wraps in one go
  • Fast and efficient integrated baling

About Kubota FlexiWrap Baler-Wrapper

Balers and Wrappers BV5160-BV5200 FlexiWrap

Kubota BV5160 – BV5200 FlexiWrap Baler-Wrapper Combination

The Kubota FlexiWrap Baler-Wrapper incorporates the BV5160 or BV5200 with the twin satellite wrapper, all firmly mounted onto a strong and durable chassis with tandem axles. This combination is designed for working under demanding conditions, and the unique bale transfer solution ensures trouble-free operation, even on steep slopes.

The Advantages

  • PowerBind with direct net injection for fast and highly reliable netting.
  • Integrated solution for baling and wrapping in one go.
  • Variable chamber bale concept with a bale diameter of 0.60-1.65/2.00m.
  • The wrapping table is transferred to the tailgate of the baler, so the bale is dropped directly onto the table.
  • High-speed wrapping with two pre-stretchers – wrapping process will always finish before the next bale is ready.
  • Low table height for gentle unloading of bales.
  • Optional bale on end kit available.
  • The tandem axle with 560/45-R22.5 tyres (optional (710/35-R22.5) provides very good stability when operating in the field or running on the road.
  • The extra film rolls are lowered hydraulically for easy change

Video Walkthrough

Kubota Agricultural Machinery

Kubota tractors are among the most robust farm machinery you could choose to invest in. They will allow you to gain access to even the most demanding of terrains. Their high-level of performance will mean that they soon become indispensable companions when carrying out your day-to-day farm activities. There is something for everyone in this comprehensive range of agricultural tractors, each offered with different power levels, transmission modes and widths for various sorts of settings. Every diesel engine we make is designed to be economical whilst delivering the sort of power you need to carry out demanding jobs.

Why Trust in the Kubota Tractor Range?

Kubota’s slogan has always been ‘For the earth, for life’ and it remains something that is at the heart of what they do. You can see this throughout the entire tractor range as well as all of the other agricultural machinery Kubota make. With experience that dates back to the end of the 19th century, Kubota Europe SAS has the experience and know-how to offer its customers a truly versatile range of products optimised for all agricultural projects.

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