Kubota RA Series

Kubota rakes help you produce a high-quality crop, even under difficult weather circumstances. Ever-changing weather conditions often leave a very tight time window to prepare the crop. When the weather proves to be flexible, it is vital that your gear and equipment is just as flexible.

Key Features

  • Built for performance in even the toughest conditions
  • Reliable, robust and precise
  • High capacity machinery

About Kubota RA Series


CompactLine single Kubota RA Series rotor rakes with considerable working width and a maintenance-friendly system.

Compact Single Rotor Rakes

Kubota offers several compact single rotor rakes, designed for use on low horsepower tractors, but which still deliver considerable working width. Kubota single rotor rakes offer working widths of 3.2-4.7m. With the option of pivoting, fixed three-point linkage mounting and a trailed version, there is a model to suit all needs. All rakes (except RA1032) have mechanical height adjustment via a crank, with the possibility of adjusting to the individual field conditions.

The Advantages

  • Compact and light design that can be operated by smaller tractors.
  • CompactLine gearbox with cam discs and tine arm bearing running permanently in oil.
  • Curved tine arms for cleaner raking performance and better swath formation.
  • High number of options are available, such as tandem axles, oscillation dampers and a third wheel.


ProLine single rotor rakes with 4.2 and 4.6m working width.

These Kubota single rotor rakes are based on the ProLine gearbox technology. They offer working widths of 4.20m and 4.60m respectively and are fitted with the Kubota ProLine gearbox, with its maintenance-free oil bath solution. Features such as oscillation dampers, tandem axles and HydroLift height adjustment are hallmarks of these single rotor rakes.

The Advantages

  • Working widths of 4.2 and 4.6m
  • ProLine oil bath gearbox
  • Oscillation dampers for smooth runnings.
  • HydroLift height adjustment
  • 4 wheel tandem axle
  • Third wheel available as an option

RA2064-RA2072-RA2072 HYDRO-RA2076

CompactLine double rotor centre swath rakes with 6.2 to 7.8m working width

Centre Swath Rakes

Kubota offers four cost-effective two rotor rakes with strong frames. The rakes produce a nice even centre swath from raking widths between 6.2 and 7.8m. They are mounted on a strong and stable frame to ensure long lifetime. Features such as actively steered wheels, the TerraLink Quattro system and hydraulically raised rotors are standard – except on RA2064.

RA2072 Hydro is fitted with hydraulically operated axles on the mainframe, in order to lift and lower the machine during transport and operation. This feature significantly reduces transport height by 45cm, allowing a transport height as low as 3.45m.

The Advantages

  • Working widths of 6.2 and 7.8m
  • CompactLine maintenance-friendly gearbox.
  • TerraLink Quattro for perfect ground followings
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width.
  • Active wheel steering with 80° turning angle for easy manoeuvrability.
  • 3.45m transport height for RA2072 Hydro

RA2580-RA2584-RA2590 HYDRO-RA2590 PRO

Double rotor ProLine rakes with 7.0-9.0m working width

Heavy Duty Rakes

The RA2580, RA2584, RA2590 Hydro and RA2590 Pro are heavy-duty two-rotor rakes with working widths up to 8.0, 8.4 and 9.0m. They are designed for the toughest conditions and feature a high-performance oil bath gearbox and a strong carrier frame. The hydraulically adjustable working and swath width and ability to make sharp turns of up to 80° are important features of these rakes.

Due to the Hydro axle RA2590 Hydro has a transport height of less than 4.0m, even without detaching the tine arms, which is also the case for RA2580.

On-the-Go Rotor Height Adjustment

A ComfortKit is optionally available for RA2580 and standard on RA2590 Pro. This includes a handheld joystick control, where the height of each rotor is controlled electronically and shown on the screen of the control box.

The Advantages

  • Working widths of 8.0, 8.4 and 9.0m
  • ProLine oil bath gearbox
  • TerraLink Quattro for perfect ground followings
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width
  • Active wheel steering with 80° turning angle for easy manoeuvrability.
  • ComfortKit rotor height adjustment on selected models.


CompactLine and ProLine centre swath rakes with 10.0-12.5m working width

Efficiency Simplified

The RA4012 and RA4513 are designed to make lighter work of tough conditions and boosts raking capacity with a 10.0-12.5m working width. They master high capacity and easy operation by focusing on the elements that really matter. Working width can be hydraulically adjusted, and transport width is well below 4.0m, even with tine arms mounted.

The Advantages

  • High capacity four-rotor rake with 10.0-12.5m working width.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of working and swath width –between 10.0 and 12.5m and 1.2-2.2m respectively.
  • Enhanced headland management with an adjustable time delay between the front and rear rotors.
  • Highly manoeuvrable – will do sharp turns up to 80⁰.
  • 4m transport height, even with all tine arms mounted.
  • Easy and intuitive control function.
  • Maintenance-free TerraLink Quattro rotor suspension system


ProLine centre swath rake with a 9.8-15.0m working width

15 Meter Working Width

The RA4515 is an exceptionally productive four-rotor rake that is designed for heavy and intensive use. Packed with features it leaves no room for comprises and easily adapt to task and job site. Four rotors, maintenance-free gearbox, 15m working width and heavy duty mainframe design leave no doubt that this is a rake for the most demanding customer segment. The special elbow design of the front rotor arm is a true hallmark of the RA4515. This unique Kubota design allows for an impressive working range between 9.80 and 15.00m.

The Advantages

    • Maintenance-free ProLine oil bath gearbox.
    • Hydraulic adjustment of working width between 9.80-15.00m.
    • Hydraulic adjustment of rotor height.
    • Active steering wheel axles for excellent manoeuvrability.
    • Clever folding mechanism, allowing the rake to go below 4.00m without removing tine arms.
    • ISOBUS Control.

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