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Agricultural implements come in many forms and, at Kubota, they make a good many of them. Along with their famous agricultural and specialised tractors, this means that they provide complete farm solutions so far as agricultural equipment is concerned. Each of the farming tools Kubota manufacture have been designed to operate with efficiency and to improve yield every time they are used. However, Kubota never take their eyes off the importance of ease of use either. After all, no implement can be described as being truly effective if it is not simple to operate. Providing the right balance between easy operation and effectiveness, the Kubota agricultural machinery is world-renowned and provides the farming community with the tools they need in 21st-century agriculture. All tools should make working life that little bit simpler and this is certainly the case with Kubota spreaders. Right through the range, you will find that their designs are robust but straightforward when it comes to everyday operations.

Key Features

  • Sturdy and easy to operate
  • Outstanding accuracy in all situations

About Kubota Spreaders

The Pendulum Spreader

Pendulum spreaders with a working width ranging from 1 to 15m

The Kubota pendulum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum accuracy in fertiliser application. The Kubota spreaders spreading quality and ease of operation are unequaled. The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is identical on both sides, resulting in an excellent overlap.

The Kubota VS spreaders are available with manual control, hydraulic remote control from the tractor cabin or electronic control from the tractor cabin with the Varimeter PS-ED II.

The standard working width of the VS spreader range is 1 up to 14 metres. When you increase the PTO speed of the tractor from 540 rpm to 620 rpm the working width can be increased to 15 metres. VS spreaders feature exact rate control, quick change spouts, low filling heights and easy maintenance. These Kubota spreaders are versatile and ideal for vineyards, golf courses and general farm applications.

The VS spreaders from Kubota:

  • Metering disc is made from stainless steel
  • Optimized frame with no corners where fertiliser can accumulate
  • Glass fiber re-enforced polyester or polyethylene hopper which can withstand aggressive types of fertiliser
  • The unique Duracoat powder painting system for exceptional corrosion resistance of spreading unit and frame
  • Bearings of the spreading unit have easily accessible grease zerks

Kubota VS400

Minimum wind influence on the spreading pattern
The side to side motion of the spreader spout ensures fertiliser is spread left and right, not to the front. This prevents the tractor from getting covered with fertiliser when wind is a factor.

Easy setting of the application rate
The plastic scale allows continuous adjustment of the application rate in kg/hectare, so the risk of spreading errors is minimal. The spreading chart and dial help to determine the desired quantity of fertiliser for every working width and forward speed.

Low filling height
Refilling fertiliser is easy. The hopper can be easily moved under a tipping trailer or silo or filled by hand.

Simple calibration
A specially designed calibration container eliminates the need to remove the spout for calibration.

Gentle handling of fertiliser
The agitator ensures an even material feed to the spreading unit, so there’s no risk of the fertiliser being crushed.

The Disc Spreader

This initial smooth acceleration of the fertiliser prevents fragmentation of the granules due to the impact of the vanes. The adjustable discharge point allows adaptation of settings of the physical fertiliser properties. Due to the gentle handling of the fertiliser the spreading characteristics of the product are maintained. The Kubota spreading system is designed for the optimal spreading result!

Kubota VS220-330

The VS220/330 is the smallest model in the Kubota pendulum spreader range. This spreader is ideal for use on golf courses and sport fields, as well as many horticulture and municipal applications.

A variety of spouts for different applications and working widths makes it possible to spread fertiliser, seeds, sand, salt, pellets or any other granular product up to 14m.

The VS220 has a hardwearing polyethylene hopper with a basic capacity of 220 litres and an optional extension rim to create 330 litres. The compact design in combination with the short spreading surface provides an optimal spreader for working in small areas.

Kubota VS400-500 & VS400-500VITI

With hopper capacities of 400 and 500 litres this spreader is the ideal solution for small farms and special applications. These spreaders are capable of spreading up to 15 metres when a 750/1000 rpm tractor PTO is used.

This special spreader version with only a 115 cm hopper width has been designed for spreading in orchards or vineyards. Available with 400 or 500 litre hopper capacity. An optional spreading spout for band spreading is available.

Kubota VS600-800-1000-750-950-1150-1350-1650

This range of spreaders come with a wide variety of applications and spreading spouts.

Optional Equipment

Lighting set
For all VS spreaders an optional lighting set is available. Reflector decals are available for safe transport.

The agitator ensures an even material feed to the spreading unit. A safety grid protects the agitator.

A grid fitted inside the hopper prevents lumps of fertiliser penetrating the feed mechanism.

Calibration container
Allows calibration tests to be performed with spout in place.

Fine application kit
Shuts two of the three openings of the metering device for the application of small quantities of fine seeds.

Hopper extensions
To increase hopper capacity, 100, 110, 200, 300, 600 and 900 litre hopper extensions are available (varies by model).

Pivoting wheels
This set of pivoting wheels allows the spreader to be easily moved when detached from the tractor.

Hydraulic remote control
Allows the metering disc to be opened and closed from the driver’s seat (one single acting control valve required).

Border spreading plate
This plate prevents the fertiliser from being spread beyond the field boundary and can be folded from working into transport position from the driver’s seat.

Varimeter PS-ED II on-board computer
The Varimeter on-board computer allows the metering disc to be adjusted from the tractor cabin. Forward speed is continuously checked by a wheel sensor or by radar and transmitted to the Varimeter system which in turn ensures a constant application rate whatever the forward speed. The consequence is an absolutely uniform spreading pattern in the direction of travel. The quantity of fertiliser can be increased or decreased at any time during work.

Tramline cylinder
Using the tramline cylinder the spreader is inclined, allowing spreading up to the border of the field.

Hopper cover
Protects the fertiliser from moisture and dirt. Hopper cover can be easily folded for filling.

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