Kubota TE Series

Kubota tedders help you produce high-quality crop, even under difficult weather circumstances. Ever-changing weather conditions often leave a very tight time window to prepare the crop. When the weather proves to be flexible, it is vital that your gear and equipment is just as flexible.

Key Features

  • Built for performance in even the toughest conditions
  • Reliable, robust and precise
  • High capacity machinery

About Kubota TE Series


TE4000-10000: High capacity machinery

For delivering the best possible output in the most efficient way, it requires a tedder that is made for all conditions. You need an easy but also robust machine that gets the job done to your satisfaction. The Kubota TE Series range of tedders deliver this and more!

Mounted tedders – CompactLine

  • Model TE4046-4052-6060- 8080.
  • Working width between 4.60 and 8.05m.

Trailed tedders – CompactLine

  • Model TE4052T. Working width of 5.20m.
  • Mounted tedders – ProLine

Model TE4555-6568-6576- 8590-10511

  • Working width from 5.50 to 9.00m.
  • Transport carrier tedders – ProLine

Model TE6576CD-8590C/CD

  • Working width from 7.60 to 9.00m.
  • Trailed tedders – ProLine

Model TE6583T-1134T

  • Working width of 8.05m
  • Carrier frame tedders – ProLine

Model TE8511C-10511C- 10514C

  • Working width between 11.00 and 13.30m.
  • Gearbox/mainframe

A strong reliable heart

Kubota ProLine tedders feature a uniquely designed self-contained rotor gearbox. The ProLine gearbox requires no maintenance and is situated in an enclosed oil-bath, set up to ensure permanent lubrication. No service or maintenance of the ProLine gearbox is needed. The gearboxes do not serve as part of the frame but are bolted onto the fully welded mainframe. This ensures that no load and strain from frame or tine arm vibrations will be transmitted by the gearbox, adding to significantly longer lifetime.

The ProLine gearboxes feature a reliable crown and pinion drives positioned in one housing. The main crown wheel in each gearbox is mounted directly to the casing by means of the double bearing. The double bearings on both sides of the hexagonal drive shaft keep the shaft securely in place, even when operating in heavy-duty wet crop.

Heavy-duty mainframe design

The Kubota tedders are built around a rugged new box section mainframe, made out of one piece of metal with only one welding seam – for maximum rigidity. The frame design is fully enclosed at the top edge for maximum strength – an exceptionally solid design, which allows the Kubota tedders to withstand the most severe loads.

Super-C tines

Kubota tedders help you produce a high quality crop, even under difficult weather circumstances. Ever-changing weather conditions often leave a very tight time window to prepare the crop. When the weather proves to be flexible, it is vital that your gear and equipment is just as flexible.

Take the lead in beating the weather

The Kubota tedders are the right tools to accomplish uniform and rapid drying action of the crop. The Kubota Super-C tines, working with generous overlap thanks to the rotor design, always leave an airy and evenly spread crop, speeding up the drying process, so you can chop or bale the crop in time. Kubota tedders allow you to instantly react to unpredictable weather conditions.

The Super-C tine

In order to produce high quality silage or hay, the crop must be spread evenly across the field to facilitate a uniform drying process. In addition, soil contamination is a no go.

The symmetric Kubota Super-C tines of identical length efficiently pick up the crop and turn it for a very efficient crop flow. The crop is spread evenly and thrown over a wide distance, to ensure that the wet crop is placed on top of the dry crop. Tines with the same lengths has the added advantage that load is spread evenly on both tines, providing a longer lifetime.

The Kubota Super-C tines are made of 10mm shot-peened spring steel. Spring diameter coils have 20% larger diameters than conventional designs for added service life, even when tedding large quantities of crop. Additionally, optional tine saver clips are available.

Oscillation dampers

The Kubota oscillation dampers ensure excellent ground-contour following and tedder flotation. The construction of the oscillation dampers results in a smooth and even distribution of the grass, due to the constant tine distance to the ground.

The distant linkage point means that it offers excellent running characteristics compared to conventional oscillation dampers. The fact that the linkage is positioned low on the headstock results in a more effective damping action during transport.


These machines offer a new dimension in efficiency and stability. Up to 10 rotors with 7 tine arms each, can neatly spread four 3.00m swaths. The solid design is your guarantee of a long lifetime, even when working in the toughest conditions. Its ́ large gears, sturdy shock proof bearings and oil-immersed drive system require zero lubrication.

Sheer efficiency

These easy to use machines are operated fully hydraulically and can be controlled from the tractor cab. High ground clearance and a wide wheelbase provide absolute road stability at high transport speeds. The folding mechanism and conversion to border tedding is hydraulic and controlled from the tractor seat.

Minimum maintenance

All vital parts are enclosed in a permanent oil bath for extreme durability and stability. The bearings offer further innovation, with which the individual framework construction units are connected. The ball bearings are life span lubricated. This absolutely maintenance-free kind of storage guarantees maximum stability and life span.

Unique transport solution


The TE8590C with 9m, 8-rotor and the TE10511C with 11.2m, 10-rotors are carrier frame tedders purpose-built for use with smaller tractors. The wide track width ensures stable running characteristics during road transport.

Clever transport solution

Both tedders offer a unique transport solution that improves the total work of the tedder. In the transport position, the outer rotors are folded forward onto a carrier frame. A transport height of only 3.35m, and a transport width of less than 3.00m is achieved this way. The carrier frame allows the tedders to move forward quickly and easily, when going from one field to another.

Due to the carrier frame concept, the lifting capacity of the tractor is not a limiting factor and it can be operated with tractors starting from 60hp.

In road transport, tedder weight rests on the running gear, rather than on the tractor’s rear axle. The optimised driveline provides low input requirements, so you can easily use a small tractor and still work at wide working widths – the ideal solution that saves fuel and running costs.

The carrier frame takes the strain

The carrier frame concept of TE8590C and TE10511C allows it to be managed using smaller tractors than conventional designs. Both offer very compact storage and transport height due to the implementation of the HexaLink finger clutch system in the joints of the two outer rotors.

The remaining rotors are driven by maintenance-free universal joints, for strong and efficient transfer of power, including the possibility of running in folded position.


Kubota’s latest generation of mounted tedders is designed to perform perfectly in all crop conditions, with a minimum of non-productive maintenance required and with diminished transport dimensions.

Heavy-duty confidence

TE4555 provides a working range of 5.5m, the 6-rotor TE6568 and 6576 offer 6.8 and 7.6m working width, while the 8-rotor TE8590 spans 9.0m. Featuring a heavy duty fully closed headstock and a strong V-shaped central unit, this machine will fit perfectly into the operation of professional farmers, looking for a strong, effective, and versatile tedder.

Maintenance made easy

Powered by maintenance-free driveline and gearboxes, focus can be directed towards the essentials to maximize productivity. No time is wasted on time consuming greasing. Addi- tionally the hinges are connected with strong maintenance-free roller bearings for extended longevity and stability of the connection points.

High quality tedding in all conditions

The tine arm design, with flat steel tine arms, ensures that high loads can be transferred without any bending of the arms, leading to perfect tedding of even the heaviest crop. Additionally, the strong oscillation dampers provide stable and accurate running characteris- tics, leading to an even spreading pattern across the complete working width. All standard settings, like rotor and tine angle adjustment and setting for border tedding, are easily done.


These ProLine tedders offer very compact transport dimensions with its’ new clever folding solution.

Compact transport dimensions

A parking height of just 3.45-3.52m is possible, due to the implementation of the new HexaLink finger clutch system in the joints between the two outer rotors. The remaining rotors are driven by maintenance- free double universal joints, for strong and efficient transfer of power.


All models are fitted with a central adjustment device for setting the machine at the correct angle for border tedding. This is set mechanically from the tractor cab and is done in very few seconds. Optionally hydraulic operation is available too. All models com standard with stabilizer to guaranty a perfect following of the machine.

Low maintenance

With working widths from 4.60m to 8.05m, Kubota offers the CompactLine range with low maintenance rotor gear- boxes. The rotors of these machines are driven by a low maintenance gearbox with only one grease nipple. The double bearings from pinion to crown wheel guarantee maximum longevity of the driveline. The low weight of these models is ideal for application with small tractors, or in hilly regions.

Incredible dimensions

Even the smallest models excel – the rotor plate diameter measures 500mm! All Kubota tedders feature gearboxes flanged to the frame, and which have no supporting function and are therefore not subjected to any strain. This system sets the benchmark with respect to stability, smooth running, quality of work and efficiency. Compare for yourself!


TE6060 and TE8080 offer considerable working width with their combination of 6/8 rotors and 6.05m/8.05m working width. The very small rotors are especially designed for optimized performance while producing dry hay. The compact rotors, in combination with a big overlap, ensure complete pick-up of the grass and equal distribution over the entire working width.

Compact folding for transport

Despite its ́ 8.05m working width the TE8080 will fold into a very compact unit for transport and will go below 3.00m transport width. The two outer rotors are fitted with the new HexaLink finger clutch, a simple, yet efficient drive system that permits these rotors to turn into a 180° position for transport. The remaining rotors are driven by double universals joint, providing sturdy and efficient transfer of power.

Built to last – minimum maintenance

The TE8080’s superior durability and ease of maintenance ensure maximum machine uptime. It is designed with a strong package of Kubota features such as 2 oscillation dampers, strong V-shaped central frame unit for stable and accurate running characteristics and central adjustment for border tedding. The rotor gearbox is designed to just keep going and only requires greasing once per season of just one point.

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