Reva Pigs invests in Kubota

Kubota has all the stock answers

With feed costs spiralling and big challenges in selling the product, the pig business is tougher than it’s ever been. Mike Marks is very clear that, for him, maintaining a successful farm depends on working hard, being organised and mechanising wherever he can.

Operating from rural Gloucestershire, Mike somehow manages to run a herd of between 500 and 600 pigs single-handed. The support he does have comes from a small fleet of machinery in which he puts huge reliance on Kubota as a brand he trusts and Lister Wilder as a dealer that gives him a high level of support. Working with Area Sales Manager Stuart Wilkieson, he has invested in recent months in an M5092 loader tractor and also has a Kubota scraper tractor, an articulated loader and a diesel ride-on mower.

“I like the reliability that Kubota gives me and the fact that they are simple with minimal electrics,” says Mike, who originally ran the farm with father Ron but has been on his own for the last 22 of his 40 years in pig farming. “You pay a lot more money for all that computerisation and I simply don’t need it.

“The 5092 is a good stockman’s tractor,” he adds. “The main reason I went for it is that it is highly manoevrable, and that’s key given how tight it is here. I use it for getting the straw in from the barn and the muck out for stacking in the field before it goes off to another farmer. Given the price of fertilizer, it’s a valuable resource.”

With its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and exceptionally simple operating controls, the 5092 is recognised as indispensable for daily routines like those that Mike follows. While he isn’t in it for too long at a time, the comfortable and generous cab provides an optimal panoramic view.

The engine is optimised for performance and torque while simultaneously lowering the engine speed level. In its latest manifestation, it now runs more quietly, offers greater wear resistance and lower fuel consumption.

Recurring tasks using PTO are an inevitable part of Mike’s existence. That is where the integrated speed memory comes into play, allowing you to recall each setting with just the touch of a button and without any further adjustments.

Maintenance is fast, convenient, and efficient – and is looked after by Lister Wilder. “Equipment is no good to me if it breaks down,” he says. “If it breaks down I have got to have it up and running again very quickly and Lister Wilder make sure that happens.”.

The tractor’s one-piece bonnet opens wide, allowing easy, unhindered access to all maintenance points. Filling up is just as easy as maintenance. The 105-litre diesel tank and the 12.3-litre AdBlue tank can be safely and conveniently filled from the ground.

For Mike, the Kubota / Lister Wilder combination helps to make a busy life work. “People say I have a lot of mechanisation for a small place but it’s worth it to me,” he says. “Everything is in the planning and I reckon I have it pretty well sussed.”