Your partner of choice

About us

Established in 1947, Lister Wilder is proud to remain a wholly owned family business committed to providing an unparalleled end-to-end service for all machinery and equipment needs in Agriculture, Groundcare, Construction and Arboriculture in the south of England.

We’re an accredited supplier of leading brands within each of these industries and have a dedicated, specialised knowledge base across our Ashford, Bristol, Cirencester, Guildford and Reading branches.

We like to think we live up to our reputation as an award-winning, professional machinery and service provider. We believe this boils down to our dedicated team of over one hundred and fifty people who always go the extra mile to deliver, our experience that stretches over 75 years and our extensive product portfolio.

Our aim is to be your partner of choice and together we will ensure your machinery delivers everything you need – year in, year out.

Our secret ingredients!

We are made up of just over 150 people, working in Sales, Parts, Service, Admin, IT and Transport. Collectively you can think of us as the secret herbs and spices.

The rest of the recipe is simple:

Find the best cuts of machinery from around the world and blend them together.

Coat the machinery in the secret mix to produce a wonderful flavour that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.
Slow cook for just over 75 years, using 5 kitchens across Central Southern England.
Turn-over (just £50 million per annum).
Add a generous helping of passion and a big dollop of dedication.
Serve quickly, efficiently, and with plenty of relish.