Meet the Team – Mick Lukar

Mick Lukar  
Groundcare Service  

With no plans for retirement anytime soon, Mick Lukar, based at our Ashford depot, hopes to keep doing what he loves after 11 years of working for Lister Wilder.  
Micks upbringing was largely focused around education and with a developing interest in mechanics and metalwork, Mick felt an apprenticeship was the right route for him. With severe dyslexia, Mick struggled to get an apprenticeship that he desired, but an opportunity to complete a training course at a Plant machinery contractor doing repairs and maintenance was his next step.  

 “The training opened up some better opportunities to work in the grounds maintenance industry and soon after the training ended, I secured a role working for a main Ransomes & Kubota dealership in Maidstone.”  
Being in a hands-on role has been important for Mick and despite enjoying his engineering role he decided to take the plunge into starting up his own business.  
“In 1987 I started my business as an on-site engineer for golf clubs and domestic machine users. The business went great and I was putting in some serious hours to ensure its success. We were acquiring more staff and growing at a healthy rate. As the years went on, we felt we were in constant competition with main dealerships who could offer larger contracts and so I decided to move on from the business.”  
An important asset that Mick could take with him was his reputation within the industry.  

“I had earnt a good reputation for my skill set and work but just as importantly my values; turning up on time, good customer service, trust and honesty with the customer. I knew this would be a huge benefit when looking at a new role.”  

Mick was presented with an opportunity to work with the Lister Wilder team at Ashford and after meeting with the directors, Mick agreed to start as a Groundcare Engineer for the company.   

“After 11 years of service, I still love every moment working within this great business. The team is like family, management included. I feel very lucky.”  

A strong ethos throughout Lister Wilder is to ensure all customers receive great service from beginning to end, both in the sales process and service process hence the strapline, #SaleswithService.  
“I understand that the green keepers and groundsman expect a high standard and quality finish from our products. It is so important that myself and the team offer good service and meet these expectations.”  

Micks love for mechanics doesn’t end at work, in his spare time he enjoys working on and modifying his cars. Hopefully there will be some places to take them very soon Mick!