WEEE Waste Collection

Under the UK  Waste Electrical, Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, “Producers” are required to mark all relevant EEE with a “crossed-out wheelie bin” symbol to remind consumers not to discard WEEE in the domestic waste stream. Lister Wilder Ltd encourages all its customers to make note of this symbol and avoid putting any WEEE in your domestic waste bin(s) or container(s).

Lister Wilder supports the reuse and recycling of WEEE as there are several environmental benefits of doing so, such as: Reduction of raw material and energy usage, prevention of landfill, prevention of hazardous and/or toxic materials present in some WEEE contaminating the environment.

Lister Wilder welcome you to drop off your WEEE items when you buy like for like from us.

Thank you in helping us reduce WEEE landfill and in protecting the environment