Avant loaders are powerful 4WD loaders with a telescopic boom - strong machines with a huge range of attachments to tackle numerous applications making them more versatile than compact tractors. They are ideal for riding stables, equestrian yards, farms, smallholdings and constructions sites, for landscapers, building contractors, local authorities, groundcare and property maintenance professionals.

Key Features

  • Powerful 4WD loaders with a telescopic boom
  • A huge range of attachments
  • Ideal for numerous applications

About Avant

The Avant Loader Range

The smallest loaders in the Avant range, the 200 Series start at just 960mm wide with 360° visability and suitable for working where access is narrow or limited. The biggest 4WD loader is the 800 Series, capable of tackling the heavy duty tasks where a conventional loader or compact tractor would struggle.

800 Series

Avant’s 800-series compact loader. The biggest and strongest model yet to come! Feel the power with this beast.

1900 kg
57 hp
3.5 m
30 km/h

The biggest and strongest Avant with powerful lift capacity and lift height

The flagship of the range, Avant 800 series pushes the limits of a compact loader. It has more lift height and capacity than ever before. It reaches all the way to tall mixer feeder wagons and can load a truck from one side to the far edge – no need to drive around the truck when loading. 800 series can also handle stone pallets with ease thanks to the 1,9-ton capacity. Yet it is compact enough to work in places where bigger machines cannot go and can be transported on a conventional car trailer.

In addition to the standard ROPS/FOPS cab, the optional GT cab is a modern air-conditioned, vibration insulated comfort zone for the driver. A low noise level combined with excellent visibility and ergonomics guarantees a comfortable full day’s work in the cab. The cab can be equipped following the customers’ needs – with A/C, Bluetooth radio, air suspension seat, etc. It is the best cab in the market – period.

700 Series

Avant’s 700-series compact loader. Test drive our big and versatile compact loader now and surprise yourself with its efficiency.

1500 kg
57 hp
3.1 m
26 km/h

Outstanding handling capacity

Avant 700 series offers strong and real multi-use loaders for jobs where high lift capacity and/or drive speed is needed, yet at the same time the machine shall be as compact as possible. The 700 series is the perfect tool for street cleaning and other property maintenance tasks on narrow streets and yards in the cities, lifting and handling bales, etc. on farms, handling paving stones, moving materials on construction sites, and in many other applications. Easy transportation with a car trailer and a high drive speed enable quick transfers between work sites.

High flow auxiliary hydraulics runs all Avant attachments which further increases the versatility of the machine.

A wide range of options increases operator comfort as well. 700 series can be fitted with all cab options, also with A/C, which ensures the perfect conditions for a full day’s work.

600 Series

Avant’s 600-series compact loader. Pick yourself the perfect combination of power and agility. Avant 600-series loader’s versatility surprise’s its users any day.

1100 kg
26 hp
2.8 m
20 km/h

A perfect combination of power and agility

Avant 600 series is the real all-rounder in the range. It combines power, lift capacity and professional hydraulics which are in a very compact package. This makes 600 series a very popular machine for many professionals in landscaping, groundcare, construction, farming, horse stables, and many other customers. The max. 1,1-tonne lift capacity is just perfect for a multitude of jobs and the powerful auxiliary hydraulics runs almost all Avant attachments. The customers also like the easy transporting of 600 series. Thanks to the compact dimensions it is possible to fit both the loader and the attachments on the trailer, and inside the van if necessary.

600 series customers also benefit from Avant’s telescopic boom, which is a standard feature. Lift height and outreach are excellent for a machine of this size and they can be steplessly adjusted with the teleboom. This guarantees very fast and ergonomic load handling.

The great Avant stability is present in 600 series as well, and the excellent visibility to the attachment and work area is valued by all operators. Avant’s 4×4 hydrostatic drive system gives the best possible traction in all situations.

The comprehensive range of options are available for 600 series also, including all cab options. From over 200 attachments specially designed for Avant loaders the customers can choose the best package for any use.

500 Series

Avant’s 500-series compact loader. Get yourself the versatility in the same package with unbeatable performance. Contact your dealer for a test drive!

950 kg
26 hp
2.8 m
19 km/h

Excellent choice with robust and simple hydraulics

The 500 series is in the middle of Avant loader range in terms of size and performance. The 500 series loaders are well suited for a wide range of customer segments thanks to their power and straight forward hydraulics which is needed in many jobs. The compact dimensions and good maneuverability allow working in a large variety of environments. 500 series can also lift amazingly heavy loads compared to the size of the machine.

Avant 500 series is a reliable partner for all-round use. Like all Avants, it can be equipped following customer needs, including all cab options (L, LX, DLX). The comprehensive Avant attachment range guarantees efficient working all year round.

400 Series

Avant’s 400-series compact loader. Are you searching for the maximized efficiency but with the size of a small loader? Avant’s 400-series is the answer!

550 kg
22 hp
2.8 m
12 km/h

A low operating weight, uncomplicated and economical

Avant 400 series loaders are real narrow access specialists and the smallest diesel model in the range. In spite of the small size and low weight of the 400 series, the lifting capacity of the loader is noteworthy with over 500 kg handled with ease. The loader’s turning radius is less than two meters which means the loader turns almost on the spot. Total machine width can be as narrow as 930 mm.

Avant 400 series’ compact dimensions and easy maneuverability make it extremely versatile for many different purposes, be it groundcare, agriculture, landscaping, earthmoving, lifting and handling, etc. The machine has enough kick which guarantees the most efficient year-round work. 400 series power is sufficient for most Avant attachments.

200 Series

Avant’s 200-series compact loader. Looking for a powerful, yet the smallest and most compact loader in the market? Avant’s 200-series loader is up for the task!

350 kg
25 hp
1.4 m
10 km/h

Super compact multi-functional loader

Avant 200 series is an amazingly powerful and versatile compact loader considering its small size. The basic ideology with the articulated design and hydraulic 4×4 transmission is the same as in bigger Avant’s.

Easy access to driver’s seat, ample space for operator, logical and easy-to-use controls and excellent visibility to the working area guarantee efficient operation.

The Avant quick attach system for attachments and hydraulic multi-connector are standard features as well.

The 200 series is especially strong in driving attachments with its max 42 l/min hydraulics flow. The wide Avant attachment range allows working all year round – be it earthmoving, lawn mowing, digging, load handling, snow removal, etc. 200 series is much more than a ride-on lawn mower, compact tractor or a quad bike.

E Series

Avant’s E-series compact loader. Speed into the efficient future with our full electric yet powerful loader. Zero emissions topped with low operating costs – win-win!

900 kg
13.8 kWh
2.8 m
10 km/h

Perfect for indoor use where ventilation is limited or non-existent and there are strict noise restrictions

Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce a full-electric, battery-powered compact loader series to the market. Full electric loader with zero-emission and extremely low noise is the answer to future demands. Although the e series is electric it offers the same power and properties as the Avant 500 series which is equipped with a diesel engine.

Two full-electric models are available, the Avant e5 & e6. Both loaders have an integrated battery charger as standard, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 230 volt / 10A power outlet is available.

Avant e5 is equipped with a maintenance-free Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. You can charge the e5 fully in 5 hours and work with it between one and two hours. This makes the e5 a very good option if your work allows you to charge for a longer period.

Avant e6 is the first compact loader with a lithium-ion battery. The e6 can be fully charged in just over an hour and you can operate between two to four hours with a full battery. The short charge time will practically allow you to work a full work day with e6 because you can charge the battery during your lunch break to full again.

About Avant

Since 1991, Avant Tecno has manufactured more than 70 000 loaders at their manufacturing plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. The company has sales offices in Germany, UK and US, and import partners in more than 55 countries.

  • Innovative product development and unique design are at Avants core
  • More than 190 different kind of attachments make Avant a very multi-functional loader
  • Avant loaders and attachments are being actively developed based on customer feedback
  • All loaders are manufactured in Avants modern and highly automated production plant in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Quality control is accurate along the production process and all loaders are tested carefully before delivery

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kW hp
800-Series 42 57
700-Series 42 57
600-Series 19 26
500-Series 19 26
400-Series 16 22
200-Series 18 25

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