The Rayco stump grinder range includes the Mini Work-Force line of rugged handlebar stump cutters such as the RG13 Series II and the RG25HD which provide a commercial-grade solution in a compact size. The wheeled and tracked larger hydraulic stump grinder range have swing out operator controls and offer a variety of engine sizes including the RG37 and the RG55. Remote control operation is also a feature of the larger units from RG55 model upwards.

Key Features

  • Commercial-grade solution stump grinders
  • Compact in size
  • Affordable

About Rayco

Rayco RG13 ii Walk behind Stump grinder

Walk behind Stump grinder -13 hp Honda Engine – Recoil Start – Ultra Compact Size.

The RG13 Series II is Rayco’s smallest, commercial grade stump grinder. It is designed for rugged use, portability, and years of dependable service. It is ideal for backyard stump removal.

  • 13 Hp Honda Engine
  • Throttle, Choke, & Pull Start Conveniently Located On Handlebar
  • Operator Presence Bar For Safe Operation
  • Adjustable Handlebar Positions
  • Cyclone Air Cleaner
  • 13hp Honda Engine
  • Handle Bar – Throttle, Choke &Pull Start Conveniently Located On Handlebar
  • Operator Presence Bar
WEIGHT 262 lb, 119 kg
LENGTH 79.75”, 202.6 cm
HEIGHT 50”, 127 cm
WIDTH 25”, 63.5 cm
ENGINE 13-hp Honda, 9.75-kW Honda
FUEL TYPE Gasoline
FUEL TANK 1.72 gal, 6.5 L
CLUTCH Centrifugal
CUTTER WHEEL 11” x .375”, 28 cm x .1 cm
CUTTING DEPTH 13″, 33 cm

Rayco RG25HD Self Propelled Stump grinder

Self Propelled stump grinder – 25 hp Kohler Engine – Electric Start

RG25HD is the largest model in the Mini Work-Force line up. This unit is powered by a 23-hp (17.15-kW) Kohler Command engine featuring electric start and a Donaldson, dual element air cleaner.

The RG25HD is self-propelled, making it the best choice for traversing up and down hills, trailer ramps, mounded landscaping, etc. Large tires roll over chip piles and obstacles easier than competitors’ low-profile tires. The narrow profile of the RG25HD allows it to fit through 30” (76.2 cm) gates. Convenient handlebar adjustment allows operator to select height depending on the conditions. An electromagnetic clutch engages the cutter wheel at the flip of a switch. As with all Mini Work-Force models, the RG25HD has a powder-coat finish.

  • 25hp Kohler Gasoline Engine With Electric Start
  • Electromagnetic Clutch
  • Operator Presence Bar For Safe Operation
  • Dual Element Air Cleaner
  • Self-Propelled


  • SuperTeeth – Available in our Parts Shop
  • RG25HD – 23 hp Kohler Engine with electric start
  • Adjustable Handlebar Positions
  • RG25HD – Operator Presence on Control Bar
  • RG25HD – Self Propelled


WEIGHT 583 lb, 264 kg
LENGTH 74” – 98”, 187.8 cm – 248.8 cm
HEIGHT 34” – 58”, 81 cm – 150 cm
WIDTH 29”, 74 cm
HORSEPOWER 23 hp, 17.2 kW
FUEL TYPE Gasoline, Petrol
GROUND DRIVE Self-Propelled, Hydrostatic Variable Speed
FUEL TANK 3 gal, 11.3 L
CLUTCH Electromagnetic
CUTTER WHEEL 14” x 0.375”, 35.5 cm x .1 cm
CUTTING DEPTH 22”, 55.8 cm
CUTTING HEIGHT 24”, 60.9 cm

Rayco RG37 Super Jnr Stump grinder

Self Propelled 37 hp Vanguard engine 4WD Stump grinder

The Super Jr stump cutter is the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986. The Super Jr comes with a 37 HP (27.6 kW) petrol engine. To maximize visibility while cutting, the Super Jnr has the drivetrain located on the far side of the cutter wheel. And Rayco’s exclusive, swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting and swings in line with the machine for travel through gates. Wide, floatation tires with bar tread give the Super Jr a firm grip on the terrain, and dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the centre of gravity and lets the Super Jr cut at maximum depth across the whole swing path.

  • Slewing ring pivot design increases cutting width
  • Full cutting depth across entire width of cut
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Wide tires for enhanced traction and flotation
  • Swing-out operator station
  • Controls swing in line for travel through gates
  • Gasoline engines with heavy duty air filter
  • 37-hp Vanguard engine
  • Centrifugal precleaner
  • Hydraulic backfill blade
  • Two speed ground travel
  • Optional dual rear wheels & Command Cut
  • Optional 4-Wheel drive
  • Dual rear wheels
  • Swing-out operator station for better visibility
  • Slewing ring pivot design increases cutting width
  • Full cutting depth across entire width of cut
  • Hydraulic backfill blade
  • Controls swing in-line for travel through gates
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Two speed ground travel, Wide tires for enhanced traction and floatation, Gasoline engine with heavy duty air filter, Centrifugal precleaner
  • 4-Wheel drive, Command Cut
WEIGHT 1,830 lb, 830.1 kg
LENGTH 114″, 299.56 cm
HOOD HEIGHT 37″, 94 cm
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 52″, 132.1 cm
WIDTH 35″, 88.9 cm
WIDTH W/ DUAL WHEELS 52.5″, 133.4 cm
ENGINE Vanguard
HORSEPOWER 37 hp, 27.6 kW
FUEL TYPE Gasoline, Petrol
FUEL TANK 5 gallons, 18.9 L
SUPER TOOTH 18 total
CUTTER WHEEL 17.25″ x 1″, 43.82 cm x 2.54 cm
CUTTING DEPTH 12″, 30.48 cm
CUTTING HEIGHT 24.5″, 62.23 cm
CUTTING WIDTH 51″, 129.54 cm

Rayco RG37T Trac Jnr Stumpgrinder

37hp Vanguard Engine – Rubber Track Undercarriage -Swing-out Controls – 2-Speed Travel – Backfill Blade

The RG37T is an excellent stump cutter for those who need a compact machine that has traction to get where tires just won’t take you. The rubber track undercarriage provides excellent traction while maintaining a low ground pressure.

Unlike other track stump cutters, the Trac Jr’s short track base allows it to turn easily and with less turf damage than competitors long track bases. Counter-rotating tracks allow the machine to turn in place, which makes it easy to re-position when cutting large stumps. A swing-out control station provides excellent visibility while cutting and swings in line for travel through gates. Two-speed travel and a hydraulic backfill blade rounds out the package makes the Trac Jr an excellent choice among compact stump cutters.

  • 37hp Vanguard (RG37XT)
  • Swing-out operator control station
  • Rubber track undercarriage
  • Two speed ground travel
  • Hydraulic backfill blade
  • Swing-out chip retainer curtains
  • Available with non-marking rubber tracks (option)
  • SuperTeeth – Available in our Parts Shop
  • RG37T – Hydraulic Backfill Blade
  • Rayco RG37T – 37hp Vanguard Engine
  • RG27T – Rubber track undercarriage, Available with non-marking rubber tracks
  • RG37T – Swing-out chip retainer curtains
  • RG37T – Swing-out operator control station
WEIGHT 1,850 lb, 839.14 kg
LENGTH 110″, 279.4 cm
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 53″, 134.6 cm
WIDTH 35″, 88.9 cm
ENGINE Vanguard
HORSEPOWER 37 hp, 27.59 kW
FUEL TYPE Gasoline, Petrol
FUEL TANK 10 gallons, 37.8 L
CUTTER WHEEL 17.25″ x 1″, 43.8 cm x 2.5 cm
CUTTING DEPTH 17.5″, 44.45 cm
CUTTING HEIGHT 24.5″, 62.23 cm
CUTTING WIDTH 51″, 129.54 cm

Rayco RG55T-R Stumpgrinder

55hp Kubota Engine – Retractable Rubber Track Undercarriage – Radio Remote Controls – 2-Speed Travel – Backfill Blade

The RG55T-R offers the ultimate in versatility and performance in a mid-sized stump cutter. Excellent cutting power, radio remote controls, a hydraulic backfill blade, and expandable rubber tracks mean the RG55T-R can get to almost any stump and remove it quickly. The extendable, rubber track undercarriage provides a stable, 50-inch wide, stance for cutting while retracting to 35-inches to squeeze through backyard gates. The long track base ensures stability and lowers ground pressure to tread lightly on delicate lawns. Non-marking tracks are standard. The reliable, 53.4-hp Kubota petrol engine provides plenty of muscle to tackle large stumps. When it’s time to clean up, the hydraulic backfill blade easily pushes chips and soil to avoid raking.

  • 53.4 hp Kubota Gasoline Engine
  • Hydraulic Backfill Blade
  • Two Speed Ground Travel
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Non-marking Rubber Tracks
  • Swing-out Control Station
  • Large Fuel Tank, 8.5 gal
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • SuperTeeth
  • Hydraulic Backfill Blade
  • Retractable undercarriage (50-inch extended / 35-inch retracted)  HYDRAULIC
  • Can be operated from handheld remote control or from swing out panel
  • Swing-out operator control station
  • 53.4-hp Kubota gasoline engine
  • Non-Marking Rubber tracks
  • Radio remote controls
  • Slewing ring pivot design
WEIGHT 3,360 lb, 1,524 kg
LENGTH 144″, 366 cm
HEIGHT 73″, 185 cm
WIDTH 50” Expanded / 35” Retracted, 127 cm / 89 cm
HORSEPOWER 53.4-hp, 40 kW
FUEL TYPE Gasoline, Petrol
FUEL TANK 8.5 gallon, 32 L
CUTTER WHEEL 20” x 1.5″, 51 cm x 3.8 cm
CUTTING DEPTH 14”, 36 cm
CUTTING HEIGHT 24.5”, 62 cm
CUTTING WIDTH 60”, 152 cm
About Rayco

Rayco was founded in 1978 in Wooster, Ohio, by John M. Bowling, who as the owner of a tree care service identified the unique needs of the tree and landscape industry and began to build equipment to meet and surpass those needs. Today the company is dedicated to the design and production of an incredibly innovative line of environmental equipment with a range of options to suit any-sized job and budget. The current range of Rayco products includes: stump cutters, crawler trucks, forestry mulchers, and an aerial trimmer.

Rayco Manufacturing was acquired by Morbark, LLC in November 2017.

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