Redexim Synthetic Surfaces

A comprehensive range of machines with models to suit all applications, from individual greens to the high work-rate performance demanded by busy contractors, whether the unit is self-propelled or trailed. The Redexim range is continually being updated and refined to make them versatile, efficient and to match the demands of today’s grounds professionals.

Key Features

  • Models to suit all applications
  • Self propelled or trailed models
  • A comprehensive range of market leading products

About Redexim Synthetic Surfaces

A common misnomer is that a Synthetic surface needs no maintenance. The opposite is indeed the fact – and specific maintenance at that, not just a brush up now and again. There are models to suit all applications, anything from a light surface brush to a full deep clean, with product certification by the Synthetic Turf Council. Redexim has the skill and flexibility to bring products to market that make a Turf Professional’s life much easier.

Redexim Verti-Broom Brush

For brushing and striping of turf, nothing beats this. The highly effective triangular arrangement of the brushes will straighten and groom each grass blade. The soft, long wearing brushes, quickly and efficiently brush surface infill to an even and level finish.

Redexim Verti-Brush

5 counter-rotating brushes reach to the base of the turf to loosen and evenly redistribute fill or can be applied to mix and level a new application. The poly brushes can be set to specific depths to achieve a light surface brush-in or aggressively mix and loosen the deepest fill.

Redexim Base-Rake

The Base-Rake contains flexible steel pins between 2 brushes to decompact the infill. Weights are placed on top to achieve more penetration.

Redexim Verti-Comb

The Veti-Comb is designed for brushing and decompacting large areas of turf quickly and efficiently. Foldable side wings can be added to the standard model.

Redexim Court-Top Brush

Consists of firm brushes at the front, for decompacting the Infill. A plate that levels the infill brought to the surface, followed by a soft brush which places the fibres straight up.

Redexim Speed-Brush

The Speed-Brush is a towable land driven, twin rotary brush. The brushes rotate against the direction of travel lifting synthetic turf fibres and decompacting infill. The rear brush levels and preens the surface leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish. The pressure each brush applies to the surface can be adjusted along with the angle of the brush to aid the lateral movement of infill. Available with either a stiff brush for maintenance or a soft brush for installation this flexible tool has proved itself time and time again.

Redexim Verti-Groom

Equipped with fine and flexible steel rakes or optional steel pins which gently lift and break up compacted areas. They leave the turf plush and upright for a soft and level playing surface.

Redexim Straight Brush

Containing special soft elastic bristles for removing dew preventing diseases.

Redexim Eliminator Brush

The Eliminator removes the infill-material from the turf by using an intensive rotating brush. A conveyor belt transports the material to a dumptruck or in a large bag which is carried alongside the Eliminator.

Redexim Verti-Top Brush

Used to remove surface litter the top infill layer and filtering debris. The cleaned infill is then redistributed evenly over the surface and a rear brush ensures a smooth finish. A powerful vacuum system lifts the fine particles into a filter bag.

Redexim Verti-Top Pedestrian Brush

This machine quickly and effectively removes debris from the surface while gently brushing and grooming the turf fibres. Material brought up is sifted out with the clean infill being returned to the turf and the debris sifted into bins.

Redexim Verti-Air

Designed to clean dust particles out of synthetic turf surfaces. While the brush picks up debris, a powerful turbo-fan pulls the volatile dust particles into a filter. Larger particles and crumb rubber fall on a filter, the rubber falls back on the field, while the debris is stored for later emptying.

Redexim Verti-Clean 1500

The Verti-Clean picks up surface debris with a rotating brush, which falls onto a sieve. This filters infill material back on to the playing surface, while retaining the debris. Both the rotating brush and the sieve are powered by the movement of the machine.

Redexim X-treme Clean

The X-Treme-Clean decompacts the toughest of sand based surfaces. It uses firm brushes designed to penetrate the compacted surface, these are mounted on separate heads which intern rotate in opposite directions. The carpet is decompacted bringing the infill to the surface to be removed, cleaned or worked back into the fibres. The X-Treme-Clean is ideal to regenerate tennis courts, sand-filled football fields and hockey fields.

Redexim Rink Brush Spreaders

This infill machine is ideal to fill artificial turf fields, with sand and infill during initial construction, but also for refilling existing pitches. Typical synthetic fields lose 5-10% of their infill over a year.

Redexim Air-Rake

Like the Verti-Groom, the Air-Rake is equipped with spring steel rakes. However the rows with rakes are deplaced from each other and the Air-Rake is pulled on two sliding carriages.

Redexim Dragmat

Stainless steel scraper wire matts used to evenly distribute infill material and to eliminate the static electricity in the fibres.

Redexim has been at the forefront of professional turf maintenance development for over 40 years. Leading the way in turf care technology, Redexim has supplied machinery and equipment to sporting venues across the globe from world cup pitches to Olympic stadiums.

About Lister Wilder

Lister Wilder are a friendly, family business that’s home to some of the UK’s finest machinery franchises including Kubota, Merlo, Baroness, Roberine, Trimax, Dennis, Sisis, Redexim, Timberwolf, Husqvarna, Stihl, SALSCO Rollers and Bomford Turner. These are all supported by the most knowledgeable Sales, Parts and Service teams in the country.

With branches across the South of England supplying machinery including ones like the Kubota M7173 tractor to the groundcare, agricultural, arboricultural and construction divisions. From tractors, compact tractors, utility vehicles and mowers to verti-drains, aerators, seeders and cultivators we supply for all divisions in the industry. We cover Berkshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Surrey, London, Middlesex, Hampshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire. Across our territory, we provide expert Sales advice and outstanding Parts & Service support for those working within the Agricultural, Groundcare, Construction and Arboricultural sectors.

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