Worplesdon Golf Club Invests in Salsco 

A roller that readily copes with steep slopes is without doubt the order of the day at Worplesdon Golf Club in Surrey given that its rises and falls are widely regarded as amongst the most challenging in the south of England.

For Course Manager Paul Robinson it represents one of the key reasons for opting for Salsco HP11-III rollers, of which he currently has two, bought through Dave Gray at Lister Wilder’s nearby Ockham branch. “The fact that it is a three-wheel drive vehicle means that we have never had any problem with traction,” he says. “It goes up all our tiered McKenzie greens without any problem, and in some cases, they really are steep.”

The beauty of the HP 11-III is that each of its three oscillating rollers is driven independently, and each is making 100% roll-to-ground contact, so ensuring traction without slipping even in wet weather. It travels over the ground following the undulations designed into the turf and smooths the surface without changing it. The fact that the roll housings articulate at different degrees of travel also allows turning without bruising.

The other great strength of the Salsco is that it achieves an 11mph ground speed which, combined with a working width of 1,854 mm, means that it can cover a lot of ground very quickly. In Worplesdon’s case, that means that for much of the year one roller can easily keep up with the two greens mowers when working in tandem through the morning set-up. 

“We have two Salscos and at specific times of year we will run them both, especially if we are alternating rolling with mowing in the winter months,” says Paul. 

Paul also likes the fact that the HP11-III gives him the option to add water to the rollers, which means that he can usefully increase the PSI from 7.0 to 9.2, so making the surface smoother and gaining green speed. UK importers Lister Wilder choose to include the deluxe seat, arm rests and LED lights in the standard UK specifications, although optional extras such as cross-contamination prevention kits, top dressing brush kits, and pedal extensions can be retrofitted if required.

Paul will soon celebrate 30 years at Worplesdon and has seen it change greatly over that time while still maintaining its reputation as a traditional members’ club that is committed to high standards on all fronts, including maintaining the essential quality of its heathland.

One of Surrey’s leading heathland courses, Worplesdon remains much as it was originally laid out by JF Abercromby in 1908 with greens and bunkers designed by Willie Park Junior. Neither of those golf course legends could have imagined the sort of modern day enhancements recently delivered via an impressive short game area alongside the first tee. 

“Our new short game area has been greatly appreciated by members and guests alike,” says Paul. “Many of our members now expect a first-class practice facility and we often have golfers paying us an early evening visit to perfect their short game.” Also on the agenda at Worplesdon is updating the present driving range and a full replacement of the irrigation system.

Why roll?
Some comments from Salsco customers:

  • Reduces disease
  • Controls the thatch layer
  • Helps smooth the surface to give you a better mow
  • Firms the soil  for a better golfing experience
  • Gives faster, smoother and truer ball roll on the green.